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6E: Short Barrel Modification and AR

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--- Quote from: Xenon on ---Not sure I would use anything bigger than a SMG while shooting from a bike though..... ;-)

--- End quote ---

Depends on the go-gang. I could see the Spike Wheels (a Troll go-gang) rocking a collapsible stock carbine like a normal ganger would an SMG. ;)
Other go-gangs might use them when they have to be fighting dismounted, like when protecting their clubhouses and businesses (or attacking the same of other gangs) as they would be easier to carry on bikes than a full sized rifle and offer more punch than a handgun or SMG (which could come in clutch in an age where a target could have heavily armored skin). Even a group of gangers rolling to a stop, unslinging a bunch of AKs and spraying down a target, then slinging them and rolling away quickly could be a thing.


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