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This echo is a dangerous tool in the hands of any technomancer, especially since those who know it tend to be on less than stable footing, mentally speaking. First used by a technomancer in Aztlan after watching blood magic in action for the first time, the Sacrifice echo allows a technomancer to cause damage to another being, in order to enhance their abilities in the Matrix. The exact origins of this echo are a mystery. This echo must be taught by either a technomancer of the same stream, or a free Sprite who knows the technique. It cannot be learned through self-submersion.

Using the Sacrifice echo requires two complex actions taken consecutively. Taking any actions between the two disrupts the attempt. First, the technomancer must hit an icon with a Black Hammer program. This attack does not work on sprites, agents, or AIs, but can affect those using cold sim, an exception to the normal rule. The victim defends against the attack as normal. The technomancer can use himself as the target, if he wishes. Damage done via the attack can be used in one of two ways, but must be used as the next action the technomancer takes.

Sacrifice can be used for one of the following effects:
* Reduce Fading - The Technomancer reduces Fading damage from Compiling, Decompiling, Registering, or Threading by the damage done to the donor.
* Enhance Test - The Technomancer may add dice to the next test made using one of his Complex Forms.

While Sacrifice is not necessarily a Dissonant echo, and can be learned by technomancers of all streams, use of this echo to harm other matrix users is likely to lead one down Dissonant paths.
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