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A Reality Lesson for the History Impaired
"Watch your back. Shoot straight. Conserve ammo.
And never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon.

-- Street Proverb
I am not as old as some of the members of this forum, and I'm not as young as most of them. But I was younger than most when I got my start in the roleplaying hobby, back in 1988 I was introduced to an odd little game called Dungeons & Dragons. No, not AD&D (that came latter) much like FastJack and his dinosaurs, I had an instant fascination for the hobby - these were the King Arthur stories I loved to read, the incredible tales out ofLord of the Kings my mother had read me to sleep with in kindergarten, the He-Man adventures I loved to see on TV every Saturday... but I got to be the hero.

In the late spring of 1990, I was nine years old and a seasoned veteran of D&D. I'd even built my very first few dungeons, having left my original group behind when my parents moved to a new city, I had put together a new one from the kids in my new school. So a few weeks after my ninth birthday, I rode my scooter to the comicbook shop on the other side of the subdivision with a pocket full of grandpa's birthday money. I was a kid on a mission: cherry slurpee, the newest issue of Batman, and a new book of monsters for my dungeon. I didn't get my frozen sugaar water, or the comic books, or even that new monster book. I blew every dollar I had on a $28.00 hardcover book with a feathered serpent on the back, a hardcore trio of punk rockers on the front, those immortal words about dealing with dragons on page six, and a logo that fascinates me to this day: a circuit-board imprinted scroll, an American Indiant serpent coiled around a celtic knot, a ram's skull, and a new word: Shadowrun.

To a kid in subrban Detroit, in the world of 1990, the city was as dark and shadowy as any dungeon. A corporation as mysterious and arcane as any evil wizard. Japan was an exotic realm of ninjas, robots, and Nintendo. We thought that Cyndi Lauper's new video on MTV was the epitome of punk rock... I wouldn't pick up my first William Gibson novel for another four years. My introduction to the world of cyberpunk, neo-anarchy, and transhumanism had two elves on the cover, a chapter on magic, and a map of a Seattle on the inside cover. Seattle, five years before Starbucks and Kurt Cobain put it on the map, a city as fantasic for me as Lankhmar or Minas Tirth.

Shadowrun has changed a lot over the years, as our real world has changed so has the Sixth World. New editions, new technology, a better understanding of how players interact with roleplaying games, and even a better understanding of how those games interact with us. I love Shadowrun Fourth Edition and the world of 2072... But, all these years latter, I still have that old copy of the original Shadowrun. On that eternal cover, Dodger is still cracking the Ice, Ghost's twin Uzis are still covering their escape down the alley, and Sally Tsung is still preparing to weave her spell... and I still want to join them.

So, that is what this is, my attempt to bridge twenty-two years of the Shadowrun hobby. For us old timers, I hope it will be both nostalgic and refreshing to return to the year of 2050. For the newer players, I hope it presents a host of new challenges, new dangers, and new wonders.

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Shadowrun n. Any movement, action, or series
of such made in carrying out plans which are illegal or quasilegal.

-- WorldWide WorldWatch, 2050 update
The blending of technology and human flesh began in the late 20th Century. Interfacing the human mind with computers was just the first step. Implants that "jack up" reflexes and cybernetic replacements followed quickly. Then came the Awakening. A three-thousand-year lull in the flow of mystical energies subsided, and Magic returned to the world. Elves, Dwarfs, Orcs, and Trolls assumed their true form, throwing off their human guise.

In the decades to follow, Magic's return and the events of the early Awakening would both be better understood and nearly forgotten in the wake of new mystical events, new understandings of the maning of sapience, and a grudging acceptance of metahumanity in thousands of new forms. The blending of man and machine would become almost seamless, the Matrix so everpresent that it would come to be inhabited by humanity's children, animals from nature, and... if rumor is to beleived, its own spirits would emerge. But that is what would come to pass, the present day of 2050 is no less fascinating.

In the world of 2050, the megaplexes are monsters casting long shadows. As shadowrunner, that's where you live, in the cracks between the giant corporate structures. When the megacorps want somethign done but they don't want to dirty their hands, it's a Shadowrun they need, and they come to you. Though your existance is not acknowledge by any governmental or corporate database, the demand for your services is high. You might be a Decker, sliding like a whisper through the database of giant corporations, spriting away the only thing of real value - information. Or perhaps you are a Street Samurai, an enforcer for hire whose combat skills and reflexes make you the ultimate urban predator. Or perhaps a Mage, one with an ancient gift, the ability to wield and shape the magical energies that now surround the Earth. And that's exactly the kind of firepower you'll need if you get hired to make a Shadowrun...

"Walking the beat those first couple of months was bizarre.
You never knew if your partner was going to suddenlt grow fangs."

-- Pat Mifflin, Retired Policeman
In 2050 the world is radically different from that our great-grandparents knew in the late 20th Century, yet it is also  radically different from the world or children will know in the late 21st Century. Many of these details are cultural, social, or otherwise "non-mechanical" and I will not have room to explore them in this format. But some major mechanical changes to the way Shadowrun Fourth Edition works need to be made in order to reflect the world of 2050. The following is a brief summary of those changes:

Metahumanity is still in the midst of the first Awakening. The only metatypes available to players are Humans, Elves, Dwarfs, Orks, and Trolls. The other metavariants exist in such small numbers as to be statistical blips, non-metahuman sapients are either undiscovered or unrecognized, and stories of Artificial Intelligence still the realm of science fiction. It will be another six years before Dunkelzahn is awarded UCAS citzenship by an act of Congress.

Character Generation is pretty much unchanged for 2050 characters, using the same Attributes, Skills, and Qualities as in Shadowrun Fourth Edition. Some Qualities will be inappropriate, some Concepts such as Technomancer or Mystic Adept unavailable, and other roles will be different due to changes to the Matrix, Magic, or Equipment. But for the most part, Character Generation remains unchanged.

Game Mechanics will remain largely untouched. I cannot hope to reproduce the work of the design team that created Shadowrun's First or Fourth Editions, nor do I want to. My primary goal is to leave as much of Shadowrun Fourth Edition intact as possible, removing or restricting only those elements that wouldn't belong in 2050. Gamemasters and players will need to use their own judgment, but as a general guideline, assume that the rules of Shadowrun Fourth Edition apply unless otherwise noted.

Magic in 2050 is very much in its infancy. Physical Adepts are even rarer than magicians and even more misunderstood. Amongst magicians, only two tradtions are widespread enough to properly be called tradtions: Hermetic Mages and Shamanism. In fact, the schism between Urban Shaman and Wilderness Shaman runs so deep, it might be more accurate to say that three Traditions exist. The mysteries of the Astral World are only now beginning to be probed, with Initiation and Astral Questing still undiscovered.

The Matrix of 2050 is radically different from that of 2070. Without a doubt, the most changes to the rules of Shadowrun Fourth Edition will be found here and this will probably be the last section to be posted. To a hacker from 2070, the technologies and techniques of the decker in 2050 will seem as crude as a modern tank commander trying to understand the bronze armor and chariot tactics of the ancient Greeks. But much as Alexander conquered two-thirds of the globe with bronze, men like Fastjack and Captain Chaos shook the world with their cyberdecks.

Equipment of 2050 isn't so different from that of 2070. The products on the shelves at Weapons World will have changed, the chrome offered by the chopshops in Chiba will be a little more crude, and it might be the Eurocar Westwind 2000 that has all the riggers lusting after it, but the tools of the trade will be recognizable to most.

"Why do things happen the way they happen? For all I know
the world is just one big game and all of our actions are determined
by the roll of a die."

-- Dunkelzhan, Great Dragon
So that's how this project of mine is going to start. I hope you'll enjoy the work I'm going to be putting into the labor of love. I hope it goes without saying that I don't hold copyrights to any of this stuff, nor do I intend for this to be any sort of challenge, threat, or hostile move against any of the proper creators, publishers, or copyright holders of Shadowrun.

This is meant to give thanks to the original creators for brainstorming a game that’s withstood the test of time and lived to thrive. To celebrate the work of Jordan Weisman, Bob Charrette, Paul Hume, Tom Dowd, L. Ross Babcock III, Sam Lewis, and Dave Wylie who originally created this world. To Tim Bradstreet and the other artists that first showed us what this world of high tech and low life looked like. To expand on the work by Peter Taylor, Adam Jury, Rob Boyle, and all the other names I am surely forgetting... Shadowrun, Matrix, and oodles of other stuff in this document are copyright© 2005–2009 WizKids Inc. Please don't sue me.

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"My folks are human. They'll die out soon, like
the dinosaurs did, and have no idea why.

-- Jason Ironstone, Dwarf

Shadowrun Characters in the world of 2050 must belong to one of five subgroups of Homo sapiens: the predominant human (Homo sapiens sapiens), elf (Homo sapiens nobilis), dwarf (Homo sapiens pumilionis), ork (Homo sapiens robustus), and troll (Homo sapiens ingentis). Non-humans are known as metahumans, while the five subgroups as a whole (including humans) are known as metahumanity. All are human beings, at least according to the geneticists. Racists say differently.

In the 2050s, humans are by far the most numerous metatype populating the planet. Each of the other metatypes is represented about equally, but are scattered unevenly across the globe. In a few places, humans are a minority, but those tend to be isolated areas where one of the other metatypes has gathered for safety, protection, and solidarity.

Humans make up the statistical standard. As characters, their only statistical bonus is to the Edge attribute.

Dwarfs are hardier (slightly higher Body), stronger (higher Strength), and more stubborn (higher Willpower) than humans, but are also slower on the draw (lower Reaction). They have thermographic vision, which allows them to see radiated infrared (heat) energy as well as the normal light spectrum simultaneously. They have a slower movement rate than other metatypes, but are more resistant to disease. And yes, they are short.

Elves are more agile (higher Agility) and more charismatic (higher Charisma) than humans. They also have low-light vision, which enables them to see clearly in near-total darkness.

Orks are much tougher (much higher Body), stronger (higher Strength), less charismatic (lower Charisma), and less acute (lower Logic) than humans. They too have low-light vision.

Trolls are big and nasty. They are a lot tougher (much higher Body), less agile (lower Agility), much stronger (higher Strength), less charismatic (lower Charisma), less perceptive (lower Intuition), and less acute (lower Logic) than humans. They have thermographic vision, really long arms that give them advantages in melee combat, and extremely tough skin with bony deposits that makes them more resistant to damage.

A player does not have to pay extra to create a human character. Players who want to play a metahuman (dwarf, elf, ork, or troll) must pay a little extra for the privilege, exactly as detailed in the Shadowrun Forth Edition rules... with one change.

Each metahuman race (dwarf, elf, ork, or troll) offeres variation on the basic theme, advantages and disadvantages. However, in 2050, all members of the metahuman races are allergic to some substance or another. Whenever you make a metahuman character you must select the Allergy Disadvantage (SR4A, p. 94), you may select any combination of substance and degree of severity you wish, but the Bonus BP you receive is reduced by 5. For example, an Elf with a Moderate Allergy to Plastic (a Common substance) will received 10 BP, not 15 BP.

"We're in the minority; Runner who are not jacked,
rigger, or wakened. We live by our guts and wits.

-- Jazzman Harker, Shadowrunner

The following section is a list of the basic positive and negative qualities that are not available or somehow altered for character creation in 2050s era Shadowrun. If a quality does not appear on this list than it works as written in  Shadowrun Fourth Edition, although individual GMs have the final say so.

Positive Qualities
  • Adept (SR4) costs 10 BP.
  • Codeslinger (SR4) is unavailable.
  • Focused Concentration (SR4) is unavailable.
  • Home Ground (SR4) is unavailable for the Martix.
  • Human Looking (SR4) is unavailable.
  • Magic Resistance (SR4) is unavailable.
  • Mentor Spirit (SR4) is unavailable to non-Shamans. Shamans must have one.
  • Mystic Adept (SR4) is unavailable.
  • Natural Hardening (SR4) is unavailable.
  • Spirit Affinity (SR4) is unavailable to non-Hermetics.
  • Technomancer (SR4) is unavailable.
  • Digital Doppelganger (Runner's Companion) is unavailable.
  • Erased (Runner's Companion) costs 10 BP for One Week; 24-Hours is unavailable.
  • Escaped Clone (Runner's Companion) is unavailable.
  • Astral Sight (Street Magic) is unavailable.
  • Latent Awakening (Street Magic) costs 10 BP.
  • Spell/Spirit Knack (Street Magic) is unavailable.
  • Spirit Pact (Street Magic) is unavailable.
  • All Postive Qualites from Augmentation are unavailable.
  • All Postive Qualites from Unwired are unavailable.
  • All Postive Qualites involving SURGE are unavailable.
Negative Qualities
  • Allergy (SR4) see Metahumanity above.
  • Codeblock (SR4) is unavailable.
  • Ork Poser (SR4) gives +10 BP.
  • Sensory Overload Syndrome (Runner's Companion) is unavailable.
  • All Negative Qualites from Augmentation are unavailable, except:
  • Augmentation Addict as written.
  • All Negative Qualites from Unwired are unavailable, except:
  • Media Junkie as written.
  • All Negative Qualites involving SURGE are unavailable.
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"When you cut someone nowadays, you don't
know if they'll bleed or leak hydraulic fluid."

-- Evil Eye, Tiger Gang Member

A fine selection of items from the Grid-catalogues, fixer shops, and talismonger haunts of 2050.

Projectile and Throwing Weapons
The bow and arrow, the throwing knife, and the more cool than practile shuriken haven't changed much from 2050 to 2070... indeed, they haven't changed much since 1066 AD. Use the same rules, costs, and statistics for Projectile and Throwing Weapons from Shadowrun Fourth Edition.

Personal Weaponry
From the Katana, that classic two-handed "samurai" sword favored by Yakuza with a taste for the romantic and old-fashioned, to your basic all-purpose Knife, there isn't really any difference between the melee weapons of 2050 and 2070. Many of the more high-tech melee weapons have not yet reached market, Gamemasters will need to use their best judgment, but as a general rule anything that doesn't exist in our "real world" of 2012 shouldn't be available in 2050. There are two exceptions:

Stun Baton: The bstandard riot-control weapon of 2050, this weapon delivers an electrical charge that deals Electricity damage (Shadowrun Fourth Edition, p. 163). It has 5 charges; when plugged in, it recharges at a rate of one charge per 10 seconds. It is not uncommon for Lone Star or security guards to switch the weapon off and simply beat rioters senseless. 750¥

Monofilament Whip: The only "monomolecular" weapon of the era is actually a nanowire cord. Swung with a weight weighted tip for control. It is extremely sharp and will cut through just about anything. If an attacker using a monofilament whip rolls a glitch, she has either tangled the line around itself, gotten the weighted tip stuck on something, or inadvertently cut something nearby apart. If the attacker rolls a critical glitch, she has struck herself and must resist the whip’s standard Damage Code. 3,000¥

  • Blades
  • Katana       RH: 1    DV: (Str/2+3)P    AP: -1    AVA: 4R   ¥: 1,000
  • Knife        RH: -    DV: (Str/2+1)P    AP: -    AVA: -   ¥: 30
  • Sword        RH: 1     DV: (Str/2+2)P    AP: -    AVA: 4R   ¥: 500
  • Clubs
  • Club        RH: 1     DV: (Str/2+1)P    AP: -    AVA: -    ¥: 25
  • Staff      RH: 2     DV: (Str/2+2)P    AP: -    AVA: -   ¥: 50
  • Stun Baton (On)    RH: 1     DV: 5S(e)    AP: half AVA: 4R    ¥: 750
  • Stun Baton (Off)    RH: 1     DV: (Str/2+1)P    AP: -    AVA: 4R   ¥: 750
  • Exotic Weapons
  • Monofilament Whip    RH: 2     DV: 8P        AP: -4    AVA: 12F   ¥: 3,000
  • Polearm       RH: 2     DV: (Str/2+2)P    AP: -2    AVA: 4R   ¥: 500
The principles behind your average slugthrower have not changed much over the years, although the weapons of 2050 offer less options and gadgetry than those of 2070. Many weapons offer two verisions, for standard rounds or for caseless ammunition, although the latter is far more common in 2050. In either case, a digital ammunition counter is standard. The readout usually appears on the rear sight,where the user can see it when he is firing. Most guns use regular FMJ ammunition, although various optional rounds are available for the user that wants them.

Streetline Special: This is a common hold-out pistol found among the lowest level of society. Made of composite materials making them harder to detect by magnetic anomaly detectors (MADs), giving a -2 penalty to such tests. 100¥

Walther Palm Pistol: This new European  holdout design holds one high caliber round in each of its over-under barrels. A select switch allows bith to be shot at once with +1 DV and a –1 Recoil modifier. 200¥

Colt America L36: This light American design is very popular among the style-conscious because of its sleek profile, which also makes it easy to hide. 350¥

Fichetti Security 500: Designed for light security work, a mint Fichetti 500 comes with the standard 10-round clip , as well as an extended 22-round optional clip, and a detachable shoulder stock. 400¥

Ares Viper: This pistol, nicknamed the Slivergun on the streets, fires flechette ammunition only (already factored in to the Damage Code). Although it is actually a light pistol, it uses heavy pistol ranges. The Viper of 2050 features a built-in silencer, but is not capable of burst fire like latter models. 600¥

Ares Predator: Considered by many the premier heavy pistol, the Predator is a menacing weapon very popular among mercenaries and security services. 450¥

Browning Max-Power: This is the primary contender against the Ares Predator as the toughest heavy pistol. 450¥

Ruger Super Warhawk: The timeless heavy revolver looks as scary as the holes it tears through things. It cannot be equipped with a silencer. 300¥

Remington Roomsweeper: The Roomsweeper heavy shotgun is popular with the urban fighter for its high stopping power and signifigant intimidation factor. It can be loaded with shot rounds rather than slugs, in which cases it uses heavy-pistol ranges but shotgun rules. 500¥

  • Hold Out Pistols
  • Streetline Special DV: 4P AP: - MODE: SS RC: - AMMO: 6(c) AVA: 4R   ¥: 100
  • Walther Palm Pistol DV: 4P AP: - MODE: SA/BF RC: - AMMO: 2(b) AVA: 4R ¥: 200
  • Light Pistols
  • Colt America L36      DV: 4P AP: - MODE: SA RC: -   AMMO: 9(c) AVA: 4R ¥: 350
  • Fichetti Security 500 DV: 4P AP: - MODE: SA RC: - AMMO: 10(c) AVA: 6R ¥: 400
  • Ares Viper 2050      DV: 8P(f) AP: +2 MODE: SA RC: - AMMO: 30(c) AVA: 5R ¥: 0
  • Heavy Pistols
  • Ares Predator    DV: 5P AP: -1 MODE: SA RC: - AMMO: 10(c) AVA: 5R ¥: 450
  • Browning Max-Power    DV: 5P AP: -2 MODE: SA RC: - AMMO: 8(c) AVA: 5R ¥: 450
  • Ruger Super Warhawk DV: 6P AP: -2 MODE: SS RC: - AMMO: 6(cy) AVA: 4R ¥: 300
  • Roomsweeper    DV: 5P AP: -1 MODE: SA RC: - AMMO: 8(m) AVA: 6R ¥: 500
  • w/ flechettes    DV: 7P(f) AP: +5 MODE:  RC:  AMMO:  AVA:  ¥:
<Watch this space for future updates.>
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So... yeah... I had just finished off the Equipment & Gear post, when my laptop went all Jörmungandr on me.  It is still under warranty, will now be shipped off to some sweatshop for repair. This is going to put this whole project on hold for a spell.
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ajax, awesome, I like seeing the retro shadorun again, I still have my books.  Though my first taste of cyber punk was Johny mnemonic.
always Double Tap.
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