[Resource][Weapon Mod] Moon Clip Conversion

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« on: <07-29-12/0831:35> »
A recent thread mentioning speed-loaders got me thinking... SR4 is still missing one of the big, real-world tricks that people use for loading revolvers; Moon Clips. Essentially, they're a thin daisy-wheel that clips a cylinder-worth of cartridges (usually rimless) that holds them together as a coherent unit, effectively making reloading a revolver as fast as changing a clip on a semi-auto. It has no slots because it's an extremely simple modification, even compared to most 1-slot mods from Arsenal.

So, I present to you this:

Weapon Mod                   Slots     Threshold     Tools     Cost     Availability
Moon Clip Conversion         --              10              Kit       200¥            2

Effect: Moon Clip Conversion can only be applied to weapons with a Reload Type of (cy). A weapon modified with Moon Clip Conversion has had the cylinder altered slightly, so that it can accept ammo that has been pre-loaded into a Moon Clip. Calculate reload speeds as if it were a Reload Type (c) whenever using Moon Clipped ammo, including gaining benefit from Smartgun and other upgrades that affect Reload Type (c). Weapons modified with Moon Clip Conversion may still be reloaded normally, using loose ammo, following standard Reload Type (cy) rules.

Firearm Accessory     Mount     Availability     Cost
Moon Clip                         --               2                 5¥
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« Reply #1 on: <07-31-12/1232:40> »
I like this, but can someone explain to me the difference between this and the "speed loaders" one can buy for (cy) reload style weapons? It sounds much the same.

Speed Loader:The speed loader is a simple device that can hold a ring of bullets for fast insertion into a revolver (pistol with a cylinder). (Pg 323 SR4A) I've always treated these items as spare clips. you preload them with revolver bullets and use them to reload quicker.


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« Reply #2 on: <07-31-12/1309:20> »
Speed loaders release the cartridges into the chamber, while moon clips stay attached to the rounds while they are loaded. After firing, you can remove the moon clip (and all its empty casings).

If you ever needed more than 10 speed loaders for a single revolver, then this would be cost effective. They are also helpful if you don't want to leave your revolver brass behind.

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« Reply #3 on: <08-08-12/1805:45> »
Oh, awesome! I like this!