WIP[Group]Hand of God Abrahamic fanatism galore

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Disclaimer thingy: This mixes Judaism, Christianity and Islam. I'm not particularly knowledge in any of these religions and i don't mean to offend anyone. If i have stepped on any major tabu, If you see something that's off the wall crazy or just plain wrong just leave a msg and I will see if I can make it a bit more reasonable. Also keep in mind that this is a WIP

also, my English is a bit so so. Fell free to smack me on the fingers if you see something that makes your eyes bleed.

Hand of God
What is hand of God?
Hand of god is a mercenary/Warrior organisation that revolves around the beliefs of the Abrahamic religions. The goal of the organisation is to spread the different faiths of the Abrahamic religions over the world with the help of military might. To do this they will lend their forces to organisations that share the same beliefs, both as mercenaries and allies.

Hand of god as a organisation dosent acknowledges any religious leaders except Yad Elohim and the one god.

The organisation is lead by Yad Elohim, a Western Dragon. He is the supreme leader of the organisation and the members acknowledge his rule in all ways of life.

Under Yad Elohim servers the Seraphim. These four individuals are his devoted bodyguards and caretakers. They serve no other purpose in the organisation then keeping Yad Elohim safe, both body and soul.

Arkān ad-dīn are the the leaders that leads the five hosts. They are responsible for guiding the lower members in the matters of Hand of God and to make sure that the everyday operations of their hosts run smoothly.

The five hosts are organised after function and differs greatly in size and composition.

The first host or Azreaels messengers are a pure Black ops unit that only partakes in operations that are directly sanctioned by Yad Elohim or one of the Seraphim. Only the most fanatical and skilled operatives are accepted into the first host and its understood by all its members that you can only leave it if you ascend. Either to take a place with the Seraphim or in heaven itself.

The second host or the Red hand are a Special resources mercenary unit. The members of the second host are usually rented out to Abrahamic organisations that have their own regular troops but misses specialist units. Alot of the organisations mages and hackers ends up in the red hand as these troops are in high demand.

The third host or The chayot
This host supports the other hosts when they need support that comes from different vehicles and drones. 

The fourth host or Host of enlightenment
When there are heretics in a area the host of enlightenment are called for. With prayer, sermons and preaching they will subdue the population. If that doesn't work they will use chains, blades, flames and whatever else at hand.

The fifth host or Legion.
All that see the light of God are welcome to Legion. This is the regulars of Hand of God. They are usually ill equipped, have no training and lacks discipline. They make the big mass of Hand of God.

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... these people would be dead in a month.  Including the dragon.
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« Reply #2 on: <02-18-12/1639:31> »
The trouble with this concept is that the three Abrahamic religions don't exactly agree on docrine, or get along particularly well.  I'm not saying that ecumenicism doesn't exist, but religious tolerance would not really work in conjunction with fanaticism and spreading the word with sword and fire.

I'm not saying the whole idea is unworkable, but it would be more plausible as a splinter sect or cult based on Abrahamic monotheism, rather than this unlikely amalgam of religions that historically have disagreed with, or even warred with, each other.


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They coukd be a new faith. Some religious scholars argue that Christianity was the evolution of Judaism, then Islam, then Baha'i. What would prevent a militant, pro-Awakened faith/cult from spawning as a next evolution?


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« Reply #4 on: <07-02-12/0642:01> »
This reminds me of the Hand of God soldiers from Altered Carbon.
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« Reply #5 on: <08-06-12/1318:59> »
Hate to beat a dead horse with a stick. But I like this idea. It reminds me of the Brotherhood of Nod from Command and Conquer. On that note I have a Kane-like character I made one time master of propaganda and an amazing leader. I would like to use this in my game if you don't mind. I would love to see if anyone in the group can recognize the similarities.