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This is a club that I have been using since first edition. It is a hacker and rigger hangout. It has the latest in AR and VR effects. It is a shadow hangout for some of the up and comers in the tech type fields as well as long time runners. It is technomancer friendly and really embraces anyone who is into the matrix or rigging in general.
It is also a meet location for some of the local rigging and matrix talent as they know the others will have their back.

The matrix security node is top of the line of course, and it helps to have a few friendly hackers in the node doing something whenever they are around.
Some of the regular riggers run drones outside that keeps surveillance for anyone or anything that might cause trouble not to mention the sentry gun system that is rigged into the building for additional defense if it is ever needed.
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Is there supposed to be a file linked for the Club's "stats;" personnel, nodes, map-layout, etc.? Also, subject title should be [Location][Custom] Technodance Club, where "Location" is written out, so if you have it set in Seattle, the title should be:

[Seattle] [Custom] Technocdance Club (further location info if you want, like "Auburn" or "Tacoma")
[Las Vegas] [Custom] Technocdance Club (further location info if you want, like "North Vegas")

Looking forward to the write up. :)
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Dude, do I have a name for you! 

The Technoire. 

It's one I used as a regular hangout for my runners in a campaign I ran 10 years ago.  Feel free to use it. :)
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