Help with a Matrix Challenge and choose the Iconography!

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« on: <07-19-11/1004:09> »
Okay, so not having ever really delved as a player into anything than being a gun-toter or a face has left me a little shallow on putting together a decent Matrix challenge.

This is a simple run, sort of an "everybody shines" set up.  I'm just having a problem setting up something that'll let my Hacker do that.

Can anybody help?

The system is fairly run-down (old), and I want a simple IC protecting the node.  The hacker's purpose will be to open up a couple of doors, and then snag some paydata if he explores a little.
Even if he were to completely mess up, the whole building is on a single circuit and effectively abandoned except for a few squatters, so his real challenege here isn't stealth, but for removing the IC.