Bow Damage Value

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« on: <07-30-22/1841:03> »
Looking at bows, the damage seems weird.

The table lists the DV as Rating+2

But in the text it says your damage is the lowest of your Strength, the Bow Rating, and the Arrow Rating.

Text trumps table, but is there something I'm missing or is my damage with the bow limited to Str/Arrow Rating, rather than Rating+2 presented in the table


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« Reply #1 on: <07-31-22/0742:23> »
The rating of the bow is equal to the minimum strength rating in order to properly use the bow without negative dice pool modifier.

Most people make sure they buy arrows that match their bow and that the bow matches their strength. If you have Strength 10 and use a Rating 10 Bow and use Rating 10 Arrows then damage will be 12P.

If you happen to have 11 Strength while using a bow with minimum strength requirement of just 10 then the damage will still just be equal to just 10+2=12P

If you just have 9 Strength while trying to use a bow with minimum strength requirement of 10 then you will suffer a negative dice pool modifier of 3 dice while using the bow and the damage will just be equal to 9+2=11P

Effective Rating for Damage and Range = lowest of (User's Strength Attribute Rating and Bow Rating and Arrow Rating).

Damage = (Above Effective Rating for Damage and Range + 2)P