[NPC][Seattle] Knight Errant Open Bounties (Seattle)

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Dropbox link with bounties in.  Enjoy!

There are no missions attached to these; it is purely for the bounty sheets so that GMs can create their own that are suitable for their own campaigns.  Tweak away!  :)

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Mind if I help?

Aladdin Ryan

Mediterrean Male Human,

Wanted for: Pogroms targetted at SINless. attacks on philantrophy organizations in barrens and ork underground as well as Barrens Contacts. "State" sponsored terrorism

Notes: Wageslave turned vigilante after a Sinless transient hassled him for money after a stressful week. Used funds to organize a series of wageslave flash mobs to attack bums and "freethinkers". Normally KE will let this slide but the image of a fascist pro corporate policlub is making people.nervous and hampering our policing efforts.

Bounty: 5000 For capture and location of known wageslaves subverted.
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250k?  Please.  5,000 at best.
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