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To be honest, I still do not understand, explain again, is it possible or not?

Short answer: no.
Longer answer: open to interpretation by your table
Personal comment: Just take you cheap 2 point knowledge skills and have fun with them, you don't need to maximally munchkin 0.5cost skills.
Well, it depends on your interpretation of the phrase "buy Academic Knowledge skills at half price (round up)" and in particular how you determine when to "round up."

Chummer is handling it by rounding the skills individually, and based on your question you thought it would be done for all of the academic skills as a whole.

I'm not sure which method is "correct," but Chummer's method is probably the safer bet especially for programming. It is a lot easier to have the program go through all of the academic knowledge skills and halve the cost being applied by them, rounding up. Trying to give a discount based on all of the skills overall would involve applying a discount to half of the skills and would be mildly confusing at best if the user isn't paying close attention...

So, to answer your question: Yes, Chummer is applying the effects of the quality in a correct way. You might be able to argue with a GM to allow you to take 10 rank 1 knowledge skills for the price of five, but it isn't explicitly worded that way. Technically by a strict reading of the quality you would look at each skill individually, and halve the costs for it at character creation (rounding up).

Side Note: since the other part of the quality (post character creation) explicitly gives a bonus on skills only of rank 3+, I would also argue that the quality is meant to allow you to take several skills at higher ranks for less cost rather than tons of super low rank skills.
To be honest, I still do not understand, explain again, is it possible or not?
It is interesting that college education is worded differently than some of the similar qualities.  Some of the others say two for one, while college education says half price (rounded up).
:o :o :o
Edge Zone / Re: Sneak Peeks!
« Last post by Bull on <05-18-23/2022:12> »
Uh nice!  Generally I prefer the darker '90s style of the old cards I've seen (even though some of those art were really rough),  but it looks like they'd match well together

Yeah, we kept them similar, but gave them a more updated design. 
Edge Zone / Re: SR EdgeZone AMA
« Last post by Bull on <05-18-23/2021:26> »
A bit necroposting,  I have some general questions:

1) size of cards? is it standard 63.5 x 88 mm (2.5 x 3.5")?

Standard playing card size.

2) size of coin? (just curious)

Not sure, sorry

3) the short story in the add-ons is the same of the main campaign or a different one?  and where can I download it?

4) will the short story and the novella be published in the usual other ebook sellers? (I'd like to buy it from Kobo, where I have all my SR fiction)

I'm not certain.  The novel and secondary suff is outside of my area of control/influence.

5) does the box include a list of the cards contained in every box?

No, don't believe so.

6) what's the maximum number of decks using one box?  I know the minimum is 2,  but can I make 5 decks of 60 cards each for example?  Or I would miss some key cards to make them playable?

Two.  There are only 15 Objectives in each box, and decks require a minimum of 6.  So you won't be able to make more than 2 decks per box. 
Errata / Re: [SR6] Hack & Slash
« Last post by Michael Chandra on <05-18-23/1032:33> »
P. 63, Cyber Spike
"Make an Electronics + Resonance test vs. the traget's Body + Essence (rounded down)"
Issue: Rounding presumes this should be "Essence/2 (rounded down)"
Correction: Add correct divisor
Essence isn't a whole number, so don't think a divisor is necessarily needed? 5.3->5 makes sense.
Living Campaign: So Build-A-Runner is to build a runner and get a bit of a starting reward, First Tastes are smaller intro scenarios that also give some starting rewards, the SRMs are the official storyline (currently 2/3s into Seattle), while CMPs are packs of runs (so 13~16 and 17~20 are two separate packs) that you could consider a sidequest of sorts.

By the way, SRM Online has a few spots left for a free build+first combo on the 3rd of June (a saturday), so if it fits your schedule you could try that.

And yeah, Catalyst announced that they're attending Game Con Canada this year during that weekend.
Living Campaign and Conventions / Re: Living Shadowrun at Origins?
« Last post by Banshee on <05-18-23/0848:55> »
Fastjack has you all setup with the link, but figured I would fill in the gaps.

Yes, all of the official CDT events are all part of the Missions living campaign.
Yes, CGL will nit be in attendance.. has nothing to do with the company struggling in anyway. They have chosen to attend another con to expand their influence.
However the CDT will be in full attendance... especially for Shadowrun
Living Campaign and Conventions / Re: Living Shadowrun at Origins?
« Last post by FastJack on <05-18-23/0655:32> »
Here's the latest information for Shadowrun Missions.

Thanks.  So those Shadowrun missions are living?  Bummer about the limited Catalyst presence at Origins.  I hope that is not a sign of trouble for Catalyst.
 I am familiar with the game, and have the rules, so I don't know that I need a "build a runner" workshop, just the rules (like what's banned, any differences for living character creation vs. the book, etc.) so I can mull over my character ahead of the event.  They used to be a download, but I can't find it anymore.  Any chance you have a link?

Thanks chummer

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