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The following guidelines should be followed when posting new materials to the GM Toolbox child board.

(originally written up by Crash_00)

Tag One
Example Titles:
[Seattle] The Badge Bunny
[ Denver ] Neon (A Lakeside Gentleman's Club)
If the location in question is a supported (has official setting information on it) setting, then use the name of the location that is normally used. If the location is part of a bigger location, for instance Redmond Barrens being part of Seattle, then use the bigger locations name and use the rest of the title to specify the area. If the location in question is not officially supported, then use [Custom] as your tag. This will let a search of [Custom] to bring up all homebrew settings. In addition, include the actual name of the location in the title, allowing for the thread to be searched for by that name as well if needed.

Tag Two
[NPC] or [NPC][Location]
Example Title:
[NPC] Marky Two Fingers
[NPC][Seattle] Johnny the Wire
This tag allows for the search of all NPCs. If the NPC is particularly tied to a specific location, then the Location tag will help a search narrow down the results (as search of [NPC][Seattle] will only reveal NPCs that are tagged as being invested heavily in Seattle). If the NPC is tied to a custom location, then just use the NPC tag and note the custom location in the title as well ([NPC] Joe Smith, Georgia), this will let the NPC pop up in NPC inquiries and searches for the particular location.

Tag Three
[Resource] or [Resource][Type]
Example Titles:
[Resource] Updated Grunts
[Resource][Weapon] The Mr. Coverfire
These tags allow for all resources to be searched for with the resource tag as well as for particularly common types of resources (Weapon, Drug, Armor, Vehicle, etc) to be further sorted out if a type tag is used as well.

Tag Four
[Group] or [Group][Location]
Example Title:
[Group] Anti-Humanis Inc. "Where smacking them around is a business expense."
[Group][Seattle] The Redmond Choppers
This tag allows for special group to easily be sorted and, if a location tag is also used, easily sort the groups by intended location as well.

Tag Five
Example Title:
[Module] A Juliette Story
This tag allows for adventure modules to be easily found. Most modules are easy to change the setting for, so the location tag isn't really needed here.

I would recommend thread owners to follow these guidelines to rename their thread titles if moving the threads to the child board.

On the topic, searching these topics will work best if done in the GM Toolbox board at the time of the search. The search function finds the most relevant posts for a search, and being in the board will help it out.

Can we make this topic "sticky" / always at top?



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