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The Moors of Scotland - How are they in 2072: ORLANDO GAMERS STAY OUT!


Hey all
I have an upcoming run that is going to be taking place in the wilds of Scotland. Mainly the moors. I am AFB ( I do have London Sourcebook from 2ed and the SoE) at the moment, but I need to know if there were any changes to the Moors like there were for the Wilds of Wales and the dragonlands. Were there any Toxic Dumps or other things?

 did include some encounters with the Will O' the Wisp with the peat bogs. The synopsis is 9 Twisted former NDM druids broke away from the poli party after the LPO was dissolved (6WA) seeking to reclaim the power they once had. they have setup shop in an old ruined castle that happens to be on a convergence point of 4 minor ley lines. Through Geomancy they have attuned the mana towards their new aspect of Wild Druidism slanted towards the Morrigan (Dark Goddess) in an effort to summon an ancient free spirit entity. (Enter the Cthulu mythos)

I have them going overland for about 5 days through the wilds and the moors. I have a Loup-garou and a pack of Fenris Wolves to play tag with them, as well as other critters paranormal and normal. As well as sporadic helpful villagers and semi helpful clan of pixies.

The former NDM druids now Anarchist and Zealots with the Morrigan as their patron/mentor have been slowly moving down the Twisted Path of Blood and Sacrifice. The chief druid has learned the Sacrifice metamagic but not blood. So no Bloodzillas.

Any Help would be appreciated. I did post this out on Dumpshock as well but I need maximum exposure so can anyone help a GM out?

No mention of real specifics in Sixth World Alamanac, just that lots of Scotland's still cordoned off as miserable toxic wastelands.  The Scottish Fringe Toxic Zone is the most specific it gets, with the freaky oil spill that's inching up onto land, instead of following currents and winds.

SoE mentions rugged highlands and remote coastal isles, so that their Wild Zones are fringing in one Habitable Zones.  The Scotsprawl is the big urban center, and out in the moors and highlands Clan laws still rule (with feuds, etc, the order of the day).

Nothing, at any rate, that seems like it would interfere with the game you've got planned.

Good I really don't want to go into the Toxic realm of things. Twisted Druids are enough I believe, plus this is going to involve a Meta Quest. One of my players is going to use this as a Deed for initiation. So I wanted to go big on it. Plus they are around I think 200+ Karma PC already. So I kinda have to amp up the resistance and take them out from their comfort zone. Way way way out of their comfort zone. LOL


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