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A high stakes chase across Seattle is on, trying to find the remains of another runner team before they are wiped out by a corporate hit squad. But there's nothing nice about getting caught in crossfire...

This is a bit of a necropost as this thread was created late last year but I wanted to say thinks for the adventure, this one and the others you've posted. I downloaded them from your page and will be using them shortly.

no worries, hope it works out for you :)

I actually just downloaded a bunch of your missions and intend to use a number of them (or at least pieces of them, or them as guides) in my game. In fact, one of those I don't seem to have is "Blood Work" which is refered to in "Bullet Diplomacy" and I assume is 4-1.

Hi, sorry, looks like I forgot to post this one:

they're all on the site though:


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