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I've homebrewed Pueblo in the PCC for everyone's use. Enjoy!


Hey there Sidekick.  I appreciate you putting all this together.  Living in the area, it's nice to see some coverage.  :)

Hey Namikaze,

Always a pleasure! I just hope its accurate enough for it to be useful. 

I've also updated Tenochtitlan, Lagos, Las Vegas, Manhattan and Hong Kong, and placed them all into a standard template.  I've also got Montreal and Philadelphia in the pipeline.  Unfortunately, they were too big to attach to these boards, so if anyone wants them, drop me a PM with an email address.



I haven't read through it all, but it looks very nice.

As to the others, you can always post a dropbox link.  Dropbox is free and has a public section, where you can put downloads that non dropbox users can also download.  There are also other providers like that (although I always use Dropbox).

Hi all,

Hopefully this will work!  As suggested, I've got Dropbox and have set up a folder with the cities that I've updated and collated.  Link below.....

Will be periodically updated, whenever I get the time.  Enjoy!



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