First Technomancer attempt...looking for advice

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« on: <11-19-22/0844:01> »
Cant use hack and slash yet...but looking for some advice here.  Kept 5 karma in the bank for a new complex form...suggestions there would be appreciated as well.


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« Reply #1 on: <12-10-22/1656:59> »
You should probably start with character concept and background. And weave your negative qualities into that or derive your negative qualities out of that.

I don't fully understand what priorities you went for. At a glance it seem as if you went for Attribute A, Skills B, Metatype C and Magic or resonance D. Which would mean you used resources E? What is a "Drecks-Van" - and can you really afford one with just 8k resources?

You seem to have spend 15 customization karma on 3 specializations, another 36 customization karma on 3 submerge and 37 karma on positive qualities. You seem to get 57 bonus karma from negative qualities (for a net +20 on qualities). Where did you spend the remaining karma? 5 in bank but the rest? On resources (not easy to reverse engineer)? When it comes to negative qualities you might want to take negative qualities that will build upon your backstory and give character to your character. Did you take your three negative qualities because they also actually fit your backstory or did you mostly pick them to get the free karma? You might want to check with your GM if he is OK with using impaired attributes when used for dump stats (some might consider impaired physical attribute for a technomancer that mostly uses mental attributes as free karma). And also if they are OK with you taking it twice for two different dump stats.

Mechanically it also seem as if you currently have two maximum attributes due to this (both Body 3 + Impaired Body 3 and Logic 6).

You also might want to check with your GM if is OK with Analytic Mind as this is basically free edge every time you take a matrix action. A lot of tables ban this quality.

Why two different commlinks? There is not really any "burner phone" concept in Shadowrun. And you will do your illegal hacking (and probably most of both your legal and illegal Send Messages matrix actions as well) via your living persona anyway.

You don't have a fake SIN, perhaps something to focus on once you get into game play.
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« Reply #2 on: <12-12-22/0053:53> »
Thanks for the feedback!

Ive adapted my character in the meantime with your suggestions.  A drecks van comes out of the berlin 2080 book from pegasus...they are cheap rust buckets basically.
I also did have to scratch my submersions.

Im trying my hand now at a technomancer who can go on site, maybe with somelevel of burn...but hard time creating one.

I was thinking
Resource A, attributes b, meta C, magic D, and skills E (which i then would buy back with skillwires)