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What about Warhammer 40K?

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hazmat the monstar:
I would love to start playing Warhammer (40K) But that seems awfully expensive. I had the warhammer box set when i was a kid, but never got anyone to play, and it's lost now.

Both Warhammer Fantasy and 40K are fun to play. Unless you have a limited income. ;)

When the winner is determined by who has spent more money and can create the better armor, I stay away from the game. Not too mention that the game's power creep is terrible where the best faction is the one with the most recent sourcebook.

But it is a fun game. I thoroughly enjoy the Stupidity rolls for Trolls and Nerf-herders in Fantasy. The cost prohibits me from playing more than demo games at cons, however.

Warhammer and 40k are fun if you've got the money to invest in gathering an army (which can be partially alleviated by buying used), if you've got the time to invest in assembling and painting said army (which can be partially alleviated by buying used or, if you've got the budget, paying someone else), if you've got the capacity to keep up with the rulebooks in order to stay with the SotA curve (which can be partially alleviated by having a good gaming group), and if you've got regular opponents who will (a) be able to play often enough to let you have fun with it, and (b) not be douchebags with the rules, wreck your fun, be hypercompetitive, etc, etc.

It's like most wargames in all those ways, basically, with the caveat that you'll tend towards needing a larger army, but will tend towards a larger used market (to somewhat make up for it) when compared to the likes of Warmachine or Hordes.

hazmat the monstar:
That's what I'm thinkin'. Maybe someday when I'm rich. And when I can go to the conventions. lol

I love the Warhammer 40k universe, and would love to play the TT minis game, but alas, I am poor and it's insanely expensive and time consuming (painting anyway), so I just stick to WH40k:DOW computer RTS game. /sigh ... lol


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