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dresden files RPG: I'm going to hell and i dont care

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--- Quote from: Mystic on ---But I do have a question or six, are there any "classes" or is it like SR and you can literally cobble togeather anything as long as you have the "points" (or whatever they use) for it? Also, are there other things to play other than Wizards, or wizard variants?

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At character creation you're given a pool of Fate Refresh to spend, during character creation.  Your Fate points are -- very vaguely -- like Edge points in Shadowrun, in that normally you use them to reroll or get a bonus on a roll, that sort of thing.  During creation, you have X number of these to spend, based on the power level of the game (we had 8, in ours).  You spend them on magical powers, skill-based abilities, or you can horde them in order to just have more Fate points to sling around once the game starts.

Within the confines of your Refresh that you can spend, you can make whatever your GM will let you make.  To be a "true" Wizard (with both Evocation and...uhh...Thaumaturgy?  I'm not playing one, so I don't remember the two Dresdenverse big schools of mojo manipulation) at our campaign's power level, it cost them all their available starting Refresh points;  so power-wise our two Wizards are fairly similar (though their skills, attitudes, backgrounds, are tremendously different).  In a higher level game, though?  You could make a Wizard that's also a Werewolf, or a White Court Vampire that's also got a bunch of additional skill-based abilities, or whatever.  If you've got the Refresh to spend, and if your GM (and the Dresdenverse as a whole) are okay with the powers and abilities you want to cobble together, you can make whatever you want.

There are powers listed for were-critters (primarily wolves), lycanthropes, changelings, different types of vampires (and different levels of being infected by them), True Believers (who have faith-based powers), folks with artifact goodies, you name it. 

To give you an idea of the spread of characters available?  Doing a disservice to all our characters by grossly oversimplifying them...right now we've got a reservation cop (totally mundane), a roaming monster hunter (totally mundane), an official White Council wizard (assigned to our town), a White Council-tolerated wizard (con man and gambler), an old school, merry fey, shapeshifter changeling (who currently works casino security because the ley line convergence makes her "feel good" out at the casino), a White Court vampire (who lives in the casino penthouse and feeds on the feelings of hope and despair the many tourist/gamblers give to him, exiled to the middle of nowhere after a failed political maneuver back in his home town), a wandering preacher man (who has supernatural abilities granted to him by God, including a "plot device" type power that just helps him show up where he's needed, which is, lately, sleepy little Opal, Oklahoma), and my character, who's perhaps best summed up as "a werefalcon version of Raylan Givens from Justified" (who's the off-reservation lawman for the area, who uses his unique family secret to do his job even better).

So we've got two mortals, one changeling/fae, one werecritter, one vampire, two wizards, and a true believer.  As of yet, no one's jumped out in front of anyone else as being fantastically more potent, as causing any sort of game inbalance, etc, etc.  Everyone's good at what their concept says they should be good at, everyone's rewarded for creative thinking and teamwork, everyone's's just been a great time, really.

Doc Chaos:
Great, now not only have I to catch up on multiple novels, but I have to buy and never play ANOTHER RPG... damn you :/


--- Quote from: Doc Chaos on ---Great, now not only have I to catch up on multiple novels, but I have to buy and never play ANOTHER RPG... damn you :/

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Heh, im just listening throught the books as fast as can(at the start of the last one right now) so i can start reading trought the RPG books.
Reading them myself would be faster, but James Master is so awesome reader that i prefer to listen the audio books even thought it takes longer. :)
Most likely i never get to play the game, but it's more canon* dresden stuff so gotta read them, from my leafing trought the books i can say their pretty awesome.

Yap the RPG is totally canon, in world its written by Billy as the modern equilevant of Bram Stoker's "Dracula"

The Dresden Files are pretty good and the rpg books look nice, but honestly, there are to so many different settings I would like to try first (and I would simply use the GURPS 4th rules for almost any of them :-)).

Let's see if it passes my first test, the "Other media brought in as an RPG" Test:

Are the characters from the books statted out?


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