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Alias:  Kid AudiBAAL

Known info:  Kid AudiBAAl is a troll mage from out of town.  He's only been in Seattle for a few months.  He works in an occult bookstore/talismongering shop and lives in the apartment above it.  Though he's a mage he keeps away from conjuring spirits when he can.  Preferring straight spellcasting, and working on magical formulae and a side business of enchanting.  He's still rather young, with his age estimated to be between 18 and 20, but it's hard to tell on a troll.  He has been on a few runs, with runners describing him as having a few specific rules.  Such as not taking wetwork runs unless the target is suitably bad.  In short there're more unknowns about the kid than known's. 

Rumors:  It's said he got the handle of AudiBAAL when he used a Soundwave spell to wipe a whole room of guards in one go.
He's often seen inquiring about Saeder-Krupp and their R&D departments. 
Word has it from a few mages out East that the kid was actually a student at MIT&T but goblinized during some conjuration final.  Got a lot of kids hurt as some fire spirits got free.
He'll enchant anything as long as you can give him information about Saeder-Krupp.
He once strode into a ganger den to rescue a fellow runner, and came out with the runner, unharmed, and covered in ganger blood.
It's said that he's some sort of spell formulae genius and someone stole one of his formulas.
Someone said it was a girlfriend of his that stole it.  Others say that it was a boyfriend.

Alias: Gunspell

Known Info: An Elven Mystic Adept, born in Australia.  Fairly new but not entirely green in the runner scene, she's done some operation in Hong Kong, but is new to the Seattle scene- frankly a bit too green to make a significant name for herself, although some digging will reveal she's done particularly well with bodyguard runs.  She left Hong Kong rather suddenly, though. 

Rumors: While there's not much floating around, rumor says the reason she left Hong Kong was because she got one of the Triads angry at her somehow. 

Name: Titan

Known Info: A big fragging Ork that has two custom, obvious cyberarms in a matte midnight blue finish and matching solid blue cyber eyes. A Street Samurai of some skill, he seems equally at ease with cyberspurs or the huge Ares Predator IV he keeps in a shoulder holster under his armored coat.
Rumors: -Ares wants him, badly.
-He was a hitman for a Dragon.
-Active in Seattle, Chicago, and even Manhattan. Goes where the work is on his Harley Scorpion

Alias: Sha'li
Known Info:
-Seattle ork from the Underground
-Go-ganger gone pro
-Ork nationalist, goblin rock/orxploitation aficionado
-Weapon modification/manufacture expert
-Worked a job or two involving Bull and/or Tauren that put her up against Brackhaven crew
-Has a BTL habit

Name: Vexboy

Vexboy is a Dragonslayer Totem Adapt who is new to the shadows and looking for advice. He's kinda a weeb but otherwise he tries to get along with everyone. Also due to his fixer being incompetent its got out that he is Ex Lonestar... he was part of a special detective division but still... Lone Star. He hasnt even been on a run yet thanks to the afformentioned fixer.


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