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Alias: Kitty
Metatype: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Known Info:
- Decker who used to run with the Cereal Killers
- Foster families product, saw kids being exploited for NuYen paychecks while the families cared little for them
- Runs an agent that looks like a cartoon Kitten
- Sports a "Hello kitty" backpack wherever she goes
- rumoured that her friend and mentor back in the Cereal was scorched pretty severely by a Psychotropic IC, rumour has it that Kitty currently takes care of her.

Alias: Orbweaver (or "Orb")
Metatype: Human
Age: 24
Known Info:
-real name leaked a while back as Chloe Sanders
-primarily works and lives in Seattle
-light cyberisation in ears, eyes, balancing tail, and lower right arm.
-most commonly takes jobs as a freelance spider of all things, although hacking is still a regular thing. Secondary skillset is infiltration.
-occasionally uploads trids of her parkouring stunts around Seattle
-said parkouring is how she lost her lower right arm
-suffers from Sensory Overload Syndrome (SOS)
-part native american (Lakota tribe), although she has little to do with it aside from visiting relatives from time to time, and speaks fluent Sioux
-dating an ork, so she gets defensive about them

-recently her freelance work has taken a noticeable dive in activity, and it's rumoured but not yet confirmed that she's taken a full-time spider job for a small cybertechnology firm. This has neither been confirmed nor denied by Orb
-probably has a really terrible sense of humour considering the pun that is her alias

Alias: Ruthless ("Ruth")
Metatype: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 20 (Estimated)
Awakened: Yes (Adept)
Known Info:
-Born and raised in the Chicago Containment Zone, she still lives and works in the city.
-She has ties to the Orphanage and to the Chicago Anarchist Collective.
-A bloodrunner (medical courier) for the Black Crescent, she's recently started running the shadows. Feedback is decent, just don't ask her to talk to anyone.
-Her skillset includes moving fast and quiet, shooting straight and knowing how to use a medkit even when the autodoc shorts out. She's also good to know if if you just need someone to show you around Chi-Town, even the zone itself if your jing is good.
-She's an albino and tends to wear a thick, concealing grey coat with a hood. Her face is usually hidden by a pair of bulky goggles (wired, how retro) and a respirator when outdoors.
-Most of the things she owns are old throwbacks. Her outdated commlink is a recent acquisition, but she's been getting good use out of it.
-Ruth Less is her real name. She's not particularly imaginative.
-She's actually a vampire. Seriously, she's awakened, pale, has red eyes and hates sunlight. Obviously a vampire.
-She's actually a toxic adept. I hear Mad Dog is one of the toxic mentor spirits and she's always saying how Dog talks to her...
-She's actually a mantis free spirit. It's why she has such a hate-on for the rest of the bugs and we all know anyone who's awakened around here eventually signs on with the bugs.
-At the very least, she has to be Twisted somehow. No one can grow up in that sort of hellhole and come out unchanged.
-She's not even awakened, she just has some really discrete wires. That's why she's not Twisted.
-She's actually a very low profile cyberzombie. Secret corp black project gone rogue. Her whole life history is made up, no one could get that much 'ware in the zone.
-She is awakened, but she's on the way of the burnout from all the 'ware. Come on people, I've seen her on the astral and she's definitely awakened. 'Till she adds more chrome anyway.
-I once saw her outrun a car. Razorgirl is fast, man.
-She's a carrier for HMHVV. You can tell, because she always calls it MVV instead.
-She works for Tamanous occasionally. All that running around the zone carrying organs and drek, who could tell where it's going and who's paying her.
-Seriously, magical badass working for the CAC? Obviously part of the Black Star.

Name: Mr. Fletcher
Metatype: Ork
Gender: Male
Known Info:
-An established shadowrunner with a reputation for being discrete and professional.
-Currently working out of Chicago.
-Is apparently good at staying anonymous.
-French, or possibly french-canadian, with a noticeable accent when he's off the clock.
-Rumour has it he's acting as a mentor of sorts to Ruthless.
-Prefers improvised weapons to guns. Probably an Adept.

Alias:  Booze
Metatype: Elf
Gender: Male
Known Info:
-Born in UCAS, rised in Japan, now back in UCAS.
-He hates 'Japs.
-Now Hanging out with some hobos, Cereal Killers, and Runners in Seattle.
-Quite a retro style eccentric, with his persona looking as running 'Johnny Walker logo' in Technicolor rainbow.
-Oh, He is a Hacker, probably a Tehnomancer
"The funny thing was, he and his parents passed for humans for some time, eventually ended up in Philipine 'Camps in 2060'."
"He was innate with machines, and the matrix as well. You know, what happened to such people in Crash 2.0, right? I'm pretty sure he's a mancer now."
"Last time i saw him on a party, he 'changed' the music. Hacked the console to some old school techno, like from the 90"
"If its job against Shiawase, he'll take it for free"

Alias: Shade
Metatype: Night One
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Known Info:
- Is a mage who focuses on frost based combat spells
- Was in Juvie for a time
- Is from the Scandinavian Union
- Has a cold personality
- Follows a Nordic path of Magic
- Rumored that the reason she was in Juvie was due to her involvement with Winternight during Crash 2.0
- Is now a member of the esoteric magic organisation known as Obscure Occultism Organization (OCubed)


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