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>>>>>[How does that work?? He and he sister were attacked by ghouls and he turns into one buuuuut his sister becomes a Wendigo. Someone explain dis to lil ol Marak . Cuz mon dats just weird. Yes I realize we deal in the weird and wacky sometimes eh. But I thought you get bitten by a ghoulie you become a ghoul. Same as with werewolf or vamp eh mon.]<<<<<
          --Marak (07:45:34/04-29-74)

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Chrona's Profile after Marak's comment.

>>>>>[Maybe the virus mutated in one of them? Never heard of that happening, but I suppose it's possible. You'd have to check with a doctor to find something like that out.]<<<<<
          -- Predator (11:55:11/04-29-2074)

Chrona's Profile, after Predator's Comment

>>>>>[Even with normal diseases, a creature can carry multiple strains of the same disease. They may only express one, but be carriers for the rest. The ghoul that got his sister could have been a carrier for HMHVV I, and expressed HMHVV III. At least, that's what I remember from a briefing they gave us while I was in the army, before we did a raid on Yomi. Of course, Tir policy was always rather strict on anything they deemed magical threats. Bugs, infected, shedim, blood mages, toxics, all of them fell into the category of 'sanitize with extreme prejudice'.]<<<<<

--Iceblade (18:59:23/04-29-74)

Chrona's Profile after  Predator's comment

>>>>>[Does that work for diseases say like the mundane malaria mon? Or is it just shifty on the Awakened ones eh?.]<<<<<

--Marak (22:05:23/05-14-74)

It's been a while since this has seen posts. I was wondering if it had completely died.

I would do something, I just don't know if Delir really has the longevity enough to earn his own entry?


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