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[OOC] A Street Legends for VU93 Posters?

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How about a dossier on the recently deceased Big Murphy?

Why not. Adding KageZero and Big Murphy to the list.

I'm hesitant about including Ysoni because he's really part of a duet, and his partner in crime isn't exactly "canon".  :P I've had someone complain about that, hence his general lack of participation in VU93.  :P Anyway...I'll leave that up to you decide whether he gets in or not. I'm happy with it either way.  :)


--- Quote from: Smiley on ---Why not. Adding KageZero and Big Murphy to the list.

--- End quote ---
Actually, I meant I would write up Mercedes AS KageZero. ;)

Oh! If you really want to sure. To be honest I would have liked to do it but it's your character. :)

Though KageZero would also be a good choice to have a dossier. ;)


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