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I'm sure I'm dangling a steak in the shark tank here, but it's worth asking. ;)

Came across a copy of this thing (used) recently, almost picked it up, but hadn't heard much good about it. So I figure, who better to ask than the Shadowrun community at large? If they approve, it can't be bad. And if they don't, then let's find out why.

Is it worth spending money and time on? Or am I better off finding a better waste of time?

I do ask that responses like 'the game sucks' or something to that effect are expanded out to give me reasons- that's what I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance!

I'm pretty sure the multiplayer servers were taken down recently, which was sad news because it wasn't a bad multiplayer shooter.

It just wasn't that swell. I liked the setting and the graphics were okay, a tad bright and poofy for what I'd envision a SR game to look like but that's all relative.

The maps were usable, but nothing really unique and the combat system where you picked a bit of magic and guns wasn't special but workable.

Over all if you find it for like 4 bucks pick it up just to have a console FPS to prank with from time to time, but if what I hear about the multiplayer servers being shut down it'd probably not be worth picking up. Maybe the PC version with a heavy mod crowd and some user support play would've been worth it.

They problem I had with it was that it was totally a FPS. There's no story (and it's not even set in the Shadowrun timeline) and forget if you wanted to play anything besides a Combat Mage or Razorboy.

Wasn't it ONLY a multiplayer game?  How can folks even still play it, with the servers taken down?

No, you could play single player, but you were basically doing 'missions'. There was no Campaign mode.


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