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D&D Online Ebberon Unlimited

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Here's to hoping it's better than Galaxies.

I should reinstall this.  We even had a really small guild going called "Runners of the Shadows" :)


--- Quote from: The_Gun_Nut on ---Here's to hoping it's better than Galaxies.

--- End quote ---

I have very high expectations from Bioware.  They've made the majority of my favorite RPGs.  (from Baldur's Gate through Knights of the Old Republic, to Jade Empire, and Mass Effect.  Still playing Dragon Age, but really like the character interaction so far).

If anyone can put good story into an MMO, I would think Bioware would be up to the task.  At least that is my hope.

Also, Star Wars: The Old Republic will be the first major MMO where there is voice dialogue/interaction.

I have a 7 wizard and a 2 or 3 ranger on Kyber. Don't remember their names will have to repatch.


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