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Just got updated SR6 PDF. What changed?

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I received an email saying there is a new CRB PDF.

What are the updates to this files?  I compared to Feb errata and I'm not easily seeing these incorporated.


Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
This new third printing incorporates all previous errata as well as an otherwise-unpublished third wave, which is basically just as big as the first two.

In addition to all this errata, it has an entire new chapter devoted to playing in the Seattle setting.

My bad.  It looks like my file refused to open the new file, so I was looking at the previous version.

It does indeed look like the Feb errata has been incorporated.  However, does anyone know the full update on the file?

Great, now I have to read the whole manual again!



Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
I expect that there'll be a "just the errata" doc published for the third wave, just as there was for the first and second.  No idea when it'll be up... probably after Gen Con since it's not already up now.  CGL people are gonna be busy until then....


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