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were you looking for people to post stat blocks, or just character concepts?

Captain Chaos:

--- Quote from: voydangel on ---were you looking for people to post stat blocks, or just character concepts?

--- End quote ---

Both work. I just need something to start from.

Frankie the Fomori:
Captain, I make allot of NPC's/PC's i can give you a list and you can pull what you would like me to post. Also I can give any additional back ground information you would like. They usually run about 500 BP

Elf Face: Her name is Pris, though her street name is Seraphim/ or Angel. She is an adept with Die pool about 16+ negotiation combat die pool about 13 with smart link
Drawf druid: Street name of Scrags, he is a hermetic druid from England and rocks at general Combat spell casting.
Ogre Street samurai: Stefen from Germany street handle of tötlich deadly with a revolver.
Elf street samurai: Sevraith from Seattle street handle Wraith: this guy ghosted a 17 member street gang solo, high infiltration (13 Die) and two ranged (semi auto pistols and SMG) attacks with 19 die combat pool, blade combat pool of 18. He also has 4 IP
Fomori street samurai: My name sake Frankie the Formori, Franklin from England...comes with Assault cannon Die pool of 19 this trog is meant for killing

I also have a Two Naga, about 5 shapshifter, and several other odd street samurai including one from Hong kong that has poison attacks to stack with a high Die pool ranged attack.

Theres a buncha complete characters over in the Play by Post section of the forums. Even more on dumpshocks. Sample characters also work well.


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