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Why does PnP Gaming get a bad wrap?

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Hand Amputation:

Saw a post in another thread and it got me to thinking..

Why does PnP Gaming get such a bad wrap?

I'm 29, I have a great full-time job, I have a fantastic girlfriend, and I am in a band, yet anytime I bring up Shadowrun or anything related to PnP gaming I get the whole 'raised-eyebrows-oh-you're-that-kind-of-guy' response. It irks me!

What's so wrong with a group of friends getting together once or twice a month, have a couple of beers, and roll some dice? The last PnP game I was involved in was a D&D 3.5 game of 6 including the DM. 3 of the 6 players were in the band with me and we had so much fun. MUCH better than sitting in some expensive smoky bar trying to talk over shitty loud music.

I'd like to hear your opinion on this issue.

It's not like this is, exactly, an unbiased group of people to ask a question like this to.

Why not pick some random website -- a car site, a bodybuilder site, a band's official forum? -- and go ask there, if you really want a straight answer?  All you're likely to get here is PnP-weighted rants about how small minded the rest of the world is, because you're asking a bunch of RPG fans a question about, well, RPGs.   ;D

To understand why, you have to look at the Geek Hierachy (see attached chart). Now, in the 26 years since we Geeks/Nerds became popular (Thank you Anthony Edwards/Robert Carradine), we've come a long way. It used to be only the 1st level (Published Sci-Fi/Fantasy Authors/Artists) could achieve any sort of popularity. But with computers & technology advances, the popularity of arcade games and comic book movies, we can now claim that 3rd Level (the step below Sci-Fi/Fantasy Lit Fans) can be as popular as anyone else. However, if you find that you describe yourself more closely to any of the levels below the third, you'll still get eyebrows raised as you proclaim your fandom. Don't believe it? Star Trek was the 7th highest grossing movie of 2009, yet Trekkies are still seen as just below weirdos and a notch above freaks.

But have no fear, as we continue to take over society through the cunning use of shows like Big Bang Theory and actors like Wil Wheaton, we will surely move the scale of acceptance further down the hierarchy chart. (Until we hit Furries. Somethings will NEVER be accepted...;))

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Usda Beph:
I see it this way. Thiose that are jeleous, ridicule. Look at the greatest minds in this world? Did they belong to James Dean? Paris Hilton? Lady Gaga? No. Great minds belong to thinkers Eistien, Gates, Hawkings. who live outside the "norm" or "Cool" or 'Status Quo". We gamers are like undiscovered versions of those "Outsiders". We don't follow the trends we think for ourselves and be damned with the Popular! I'm kinda lucky. I'm 6'2" 280ish mostly lean pounds. I am a personality to be reconned with. I am also a proud Geek who laughs in the face of those who cannot imagine. *looks down at daughter tugging my coat*

What's that?

I'm making a joke of myself?

It's even worse cause I'm still Typing?

Oh :-[ Sorry!

Chaotic Insane:
I always got funny looks when I had AP Books open with my D&D books at the library, as though the two things couldn't coincide. I've had exes (as all of them have been gamers) that people (jokingly or not) didn't believe had a girlfriend because he was a gamer. People at work look at me reeeeaaaaal funny whenever I mention cons. Up at the college it's really not that bad. MOST people there are at least console gamers, if not MMO players, or know people that are.

People who aren't gamers (and don't know any gamers) just have what they hear from other people. My friend went to a private religious school and they had a whole lecture on how evil and horrible and sinful D&D is and she just had to stand up and ask the pastor if he'd ever even SEEN a game being played because the portrayal was so laughably inaccurate as to what ACTUALLY happens (which in that group was really a whole lott'a nothing). Then you have the media showing the larpers that take it waaaay tooooo seriousss, or are just ill/unstable people that needed medical attention and unfortunately never got it from anyone. That makes so much better of a story than "yeah it's just a pack of friends meeting in someone's basement over pizza and mt. dew nerding it up for a few hours and having a good time." That doesn't stick in people's minds. The horrible stereotype does. They don't want to put a "normal" gamer on the news or in movies/TV. They want to put one up there that fits the role because people find it more entertaining. Just like you will NEVER see a "normal" neopagan/wiccan/druid/shamanist on TV because people WANT to see ones that look like walking halloween decorations or Hottopic billboards. It's not so much that they're close minded, that's just the way media and the human mind likes to work. Things have to fit in the paradigm. Just like we gamers are shocked when we see a "jock" rolling dice or a "cheerleader" with an airsoft rifle collection, 360, and a pet lizard.

And that geek hierarchy is so true. I stumbled upon it a while ago. I'm on every level of it save the furries, which is just a whole'nother can of worms.

And I love how dad posts here before I can finish. You're not home. I'm not tugging on your coat. I can, however, tug on your post which is above mine. *tugtug*


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