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XBox Live tag: Indiana Droz

Preferred Games:
Fallout 3
Mass Effect 1 & 2
Dragon Age
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Lego Star Wars/Batman/Indiana Jones/Harry Potter

Unfortunately though, my hard drive crapped out a little while back and I haven't had a chance to replace it yet, so if you send me an invite, I won't be able to respond for a while.

Un how much text can put in a post ....... ;D

I love to game top games:

I'm Final Fantasy nut so all of them
Secert of Mana was good
Got a WII that lest me play the Zelda games as well as Oger Battle
Dragon age is fun and DA 2 comes out for my birthday next year (or so they say)
The Settlers series is good
Gotta have the Civ games on the list
As has been said by me several times I play WoW ALOT! (Thorium Brotherhood) (Zolta)
Diablo are all there too

Enough games I do have the old systems too the NES the SNES
A NES/SNES combo system
A PSX (you know what it was called BEFORE they made the PS2 and remaned it the PS1
A Sega Master System (Yes I have Shadowrun for the Sega!)

Favourite game above all: Elite (BBC Model B version).

Quake 3
MechWarrior 2/3/4
Chuckie Egg

My favorite games for the moment would be:

-Dragon Age
-Fallout 3 (though I still liked 1 and 2)(and god knows I'm going to buy New Vegas, can't wait)
-Mass Effect 1&2
-Warhammer 40K: Dawn of war II
-Bioshock 1&2
-Dead Space
-Resident Evil 4

I'll bite.  Umm, Gamertag on 360 is Darkeus1

Anyway, I play all kinds of games so I cannot say favorites.  I love Borderlands, Dragon Age, Mass Effect 2, Brutal Legend, NCAA Football 11, Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake, etc, etc....


And if anyone lives in the Harrisonburg/Staunton VA area, I run a Shadowrun campaign and any other game you might be into.  I own so many games, but I always love Shadowrun!


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