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What Role-Playing Games Are Really Like (When You're Drunk)

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Dead Monky:

I'm sure at least a few of you have read this, but screw it.  It's damn funny and this is for those who haven't.

Sad thing is, I've had a few games go like that over the years and we were never drunk.  Or high.  Just really, really weird.

My group was like that before we started drinking, the alcohol actually mellowed us and helped us concentrate. Funny stuff.

DAMMIT! Is that why I was always Captain America??

Doc Chaos:
No, that was because you look hot in Spandex ;D *runs for cover*

Chaotic Insane:
I've never had the pleasure of gaming drunk, but I have gamed jacked up on flu meds ("No. You're sick." "BUT I ALREADY BOUGHT MY TICKETS FOR THE CON! *hackhackhackhack*"), on enough caffeine to probably count as a controlled substance, and incredibly tired. Fun stuff.


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