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Hi chummers,

I want to show you something I use to play online games of shadowrun with my friends, it's a sweet little program named Rolistik.
here is where you can download it:

choose the first one

Here's the problem for most people, it's in french BUT it's not so difficult to understand all of it.

First, when you open the program, someone must login as the GM(which should be the GM XD) and the others log into the server the GM created(they will need to get their GM IP adress, easy to do just type IP adress in google and click on the first link.)
The program includes:
-A general chat and a personal chat for when the GM needs to speak to only one player
-You can show images on the server, so if they want the players can actually show an image of their character if they got one
- A music player to play background music, which everyone in the server will actually hear at the same time the GM plays it, though everyone must have the same music file(same format and name) in the audio folder (C:/program files/rolistik/audio/song's name)
- A tool that is pretty much like paint, except you can also create a "pawn" for the players, NPCs etc, you can also move them at will. The best addition to that application, is that you can apply some kind of purple "fog of war" over the maps you create, so that your players won't be able to see what you want to hide (example: You do the map of a club, when they are not inside it, you do not remove the "fog of war" so they don't see a damn, but when they enter, you decide to show the main room, but not the closed rooms, which is natural which they shouldn't be able to see whats inside, and so on. So the players tends to be more careful and to be even more in character (trust me I'm using it and i see a good difference)
- you have a note pad that the players can't see, which is good, since you can write your whole run in it in advance.
- you can also save everything, so you can prepare your maps, ennemies, etc before the game
-one of the best thing, they have a dice roller for both D20 system and Shadowrun included in the chat, all you got to do is type:
 For D20
! and then the roll you need to do
example    !1d10+4
and then it gives you the results
For Shadowrun
* and then the number of dice with "D" after
example    *3d
and it would give something like   2 success (2,5,6)
even better, it takes glitch and critical glitch in consideration
if you want to add edge to the roll you put a "+" after
example    *7d+
and it would give something like    5 success(1,2,4,5,5,5,6 and 5)         the 6 are followed by "and " with the score of the reroll
if you are doing an extended action and that you need to apply the "rushing an extended roll" rule, you put an "R" at the end
example     *6dR     and it gives the result
also work for gremlin, you just put "G" and the number of the gremlin rank after
example     *5dG2    for a 5 dices roll with gremlin 2

and all the symbols can be combined

example    *8dR+    would work

and for the GM, you can also add "C" or "S" at the end
C is for hiding the numbers that were on the dice and other details like edge    so instead of being 3 success (2,3,5,5,6) it would be 3 success (on 5 dices)
S is when you only want to show the result     so it would only show something like 3 success

It's even better if you use Skype at the same time, that way, my players uses the chat window only when the characters would actually speak to each other by writing  on their commlinks and for rolls(which is essential)

If you got any questions, that you want me to translate something from french to english (even though google translator exist) just tell me i'll be glad to help.

And a big thank you to the Rolistik crew that created this wonderful program and that added the shadowrun dice roller to it on the patch 1.1(which is the only patch XD)

Forgot to say that this program is totally free(so mo' money in yo' pocket 8)), here's some picture btw:

(the purple thing that is almost covering all the map is the famous "fog of war" i was talking about, you apply it using the little icon of a white triangle with black over it and remove it with the black triangle with white over it, the 2 of them are located below the color pad)

Sounds good! I'll have to check it out when I'm back on my home PC.

Cool, if you need any help just tell, and we can even arrange some kind of test meeting for everyone who's interested, like everyone connect on a server I create, I give you my IP adress so you can get in and we can actually test it together and I can answer people questions.

This is awesome. But... does anyone know where there might be an English version? o.0 Sorry, I hate to be "that guy", but hey...


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