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Shadowrun plus Skype equals ???

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It is true the lack of body language and facial expressions is a bit of a barrier but after the first session it will work itself out.

Lord Scythican:
I recently had a friend move 6 hours away from the gaming group. However we started using skype a few months ago with him and it seems to be working really good. Unless he rolls 77 on percentals, a natural 20, or his lucky number, we usually do not question him. He rolls them right on a piece of paper that is on his lap top. If it is a really good roll, he just tilts his screen down for us to see it. He rolls a lot of 20's but we never really question him on it, because he is missing out on some of the table fun like 24 packs and shots.  ;)

There seems to be a little "barrier" to his personality. I think he is having fun, but not as much as he had when he was actually there. One of my friends said he ran a solo game for him and he seemed to like it a lot better.

If it's with friends you already know it's a lot easier. If it's with complete strangers you met on the internet then it may take a long time to pick up on their personalities, speaking style and to develop a cadence of speaking so that everyone participates and has fun.


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