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Shadowrun plus Skype equals ???

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Look at this
this is the post I created to present a program named Rolistik, you should look since it's free. Works great with me and my group when mixed with skype.

It also have a customized shadowrun dice roller included, anyway, all written in the post named Rolistik in the gamers lounge, which i've linked above

Chaotic Insane:
Doom there can attest to why the internal mic sucks. I constantly had to drop out of my calls with him when we were playing Guild Wars because my mic would start SCREECHING. Same thing with livestream AND ustream so it's probably just crappy internal mics.

As far as dice go, you could just get a chatzy ( which has a dice rolling feature (it's just like... type "/rolldie 6" into the chat field) to use alongside of skype or whatever to handle the call. You go to chatzy, make a private room, give your party the link and they all enter their names and you can just use its dice roller for them to post their rolls. You can use the same link forever and it keeps transcripts of all the posts. You can set the room to give you a little blip for new posts. It's nifty. We used it for a little bit just for RPing.

John Schmidt:
Skype for voice communications, which is so much better than having to type things out. Being limited to five players on a confrence call isn't a bad thing either, since I limit the size of all my games.

Dice rolling isn't a huge deal, but it would speed things up to have it done by a program.

The most important thing is being able to share maps and pics. Where the players are located and where the npcs are is huge during fights. It was the biggest point of confusion during combats on Muxes and Mushes, players and admins were sledom on the same page and it resulted in considerable problems.

This whole concept fo playing online is really growing on me and I already have a couple of players interested.

I have done it and we used honor for the dice and an online white board program to draw stuff out quick on DimDim. It worked out pretty well. as long as you don't loss people or have a call drop.

Krypter: is in beta right now and it's offering a complete RPG online experience for free. Don't know how much it'll be when it's gold, but it looks pretty slick so far. I only tested the basic functionality and haven't played a game in it yet.

I've played in several games with Skype voice, and the problem has always been the same: lack of visuals means lack of body language, which makes it difficult to determine speaking order, language nuances and things like jokes. It just doesn't feel right. You need a group webcam to get everyone to see each other and have some human camaraderie.


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