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Shadowrun plus Skype equals ???

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Doc Chaos:
Might be a factor, in mine the mic is on top of the screen, the speakers on bottom.

Prime Mover:
We've been using skype to bring one of our players to the table who's currently several hours away.  Were using honor system for rolls and I'm handling the webcam to show him around the table.

1. He occasionally rick rolls us.
2. Sometimes you find yourself talking to an animal. (Part of his camera software)
3 Zito media sux, we keep losing connection to skype ever few minutes, gotten worse lately and we've tried from several locations.

Other then that it's been a great way to bring an extra player to the table.

I think using something like Shards ( and it's roll script to make IC post (that are archived) and a conference call service like Skype would be a good combo. To explain rules and situate things. Then tell a story and save it for later.

Doc Chaos:
My group and I tried play-by-chat. It takes forever and you just can't get people in the mood. How can you, when it takes you 10 minutes to type the description of a room with 2 people in it. We switched from text-chat to Skype and from there to TeamSpeak 3. I have an extra machine running which I use as a jukebox and TS3 handles a background music playing member of the conference WAY better than Skype. Mind you, we don't use webcams and the GM roles ALL dice for every PC and NPC.

For german speaking players there's a page called Drachenzwinge, where games over teamspeak are managed, mainly TDE (The Dark Eye), but also Shadowrun and others. They are using different programs there, from my time there, I personally prefer Fantasy Grounds (looks nice, shows Dice rolling and can be customized very good - there's a Shadowrun package available) - which is, unfortunatly, not free.


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