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Shadowrun plus Skype equals ???

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John Schmidt:
Having moved to Central New York and yet to find a group of SR players I have been toying with the idea of running a SR game with my friends back in Salt Lake...over skype. Grabbed a couple of web cams today (for myself and my wife) so that takes care of the voice comm theory.

I am still at a loss for what program would work to do the dice rolls, maps, pics, etc..

Any ideas?

Well, if you're the trustworthy type, I suggest just letting them roll the bones and let you know what they get. I've done a few Skype sessions at our 3.5 D&D group here, and find that most players aren't going to abuse the situation by saying 'Oh look! Another natural 20!'

John Schmidt:
Exluding trust issues...are there any programs that work well for such a venture?

I believe there is a Skype addon that does that, or you can use a site like Invisible Castle, I guess?

John Schmidt:
Thanks I will check that out!  ;D


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