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Anyone Else Have Holiday Gaming Special Sessions?

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This is just to drum up some conversation, because I know you're all so painfully, painfully shy.  (Lookin' at YOU, Usda! :o)

As the subject asks, anybody else's group(s) do this?  I mean, there's the 'it's a holiday, so we're not at work/in school - gamegamegame!', but howzabout actual theme-sessions?

Friend o' mine runs old-school KULT, and I've had some really interesting sessions at Easter, Thanksgiving, even Christmas.  Nothing says Winter Solstice Holidaytime like playing a KULT one-shot where you're all kids in a home on Xmas eve, and there's something coming down the chimney, all right...

We also had our Star Wars night on Fridays for a good stretch, and there were a couple of special additions to our game on a few occasions when our sessions hit the 13th of the month...  like a fairly-difficult-to-kill blade-weilding maniac lurking in the bowels of a nigh-abandoned Star Destroyer we had just 'reclaimed'.  (Ch- ch- ch-...ah- ah- ah-...)

Sadly, our Hallowe'en sessions usually don't work out, now that the majority of my circle is all married and kidded and such.  Which is too bad, since this is my favorite excuse to have some kind of event in the year. 


Well that is unfortunate holloween is the best holiday for gaming. Then again my GM needs no exscuse to use zombies. Though now that I'm thinking about  it I kinda want to run Deadlands for holloween.

The Doomed One:
What a coincidence, I just happen to want to play Deadlands on Halloween, so get on it.

I would like to run Trail of Cthulhu, but unfortunately I do not have access to any of the books, nor the time to read any of them.

I am infact working on it so start writing a character.

The Doomed One:
Can i use the character from last time we tried to play? ???


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