Cigars, Whiskey and Amnesia

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This is a character intro for a character I recently drew up. I will include character details at the end.

The man woke up naked with a dry throat and a throbbing pain behind his eyes. He looked around at his unfamiliar surroundings confused. He had no idea where he was, how he got there or even who he was. He had been sleeping on a lumpy and stained couch in a shitty little apartment. On an old door supported by cinderblocks that passed for a coffee table sat a strange assortment of items.

He took a groggy inventory of them: a fifth Canadian whisky which was half gone, a small cracked mug and the bottom of a plastic water bottle, a small comlink and some cheap AR goggles, a large pistol in several pieces, a leather shoulder holster, a box of ammunition and a few clips, a certified cred stick, a hand written note on paper, a plastic ashtray and last but not least a small metal container which was open, displaying several small cigars and an antique metal lighter with an X contained within a circle engraved into it’s brushed steel surface. 
He took one of the cigars, bit off the tip and lit it with a strangely familiar series of motions. He then poured himself two fingers of the whiskey into the mug and picked up the note.

Do not eat any food with an ingredient list longer than 5, It does not agree with your stomach.
You have a difficult dietary requirement. See Dr Phil at 1573 east Hongfa Street apt B. He can keep your refrigerator full and explain some things to you. Tell him AJ sent you. The credstick on the table should cover your appointment with him.
Your rent is paid for the next 2 months, you will however need work to keep a roof over your head. See Mr. Jackson at “The Dive Bar” on Gaoxin Middle 4th road between 4pm and 4:15 pm on any Thursday. Be sure to have your comlink on and running silent! No ‘link no job. Order a Banana Daiquiri and a Rye Whisky neat. He will ask you if you are expecting anyone else tell him No. He will then ask if you would like something to eat. Order a bowl of ramen with tofu, chicken and hot sauce.

As he finished reading the strange note he slugged back the remaining whisky in his cup and reassembled the pistol with a practiced ease. Where he learned that was anybody’s guess but the pistol felt reassuring in his hand. He began loading rounds into the magazine when from 2 feet away came a smokey yet almost childlike woman’s voice, “Well good morning there sleepyhead!”

He nearly jumped out of his skin and was on the opposite side of the couch in a fraction of a second, his surprised look locked onto a mechanical dog who had previously been lying down next to the couch. His face took on an even more comical look of surprise as he looked down at his balled fists to see three blades protruding from each. “What the FUCK!”

“Calm down there turbo, or ya might just cut your man bits off. Which brings me to my next point, your clothes are in the autowash, though there’s no rush to ‘em on. The view aint half bad from here.”

“What.. Who are.. Where am.. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!”

“You forgot when and why there chief, Im Big Earl, But since we are roommates you can call me Samantha. One of my employers said as long as I put you up that he’d cover my half of the rent and you’d cover the other half. Candy deal if you ask me. Warned me not to meet you in the flesh for the first time this morning and I can see why. You’re a bit jumpy.”

“Where am I?”

“Oh yeah, he warned me about that too. You’re in Hong Kong.  Seems you got your memory wiped by some mage or something.  He didn’t go into specifics and I didn’t ask. What do you remember?”

“Nothing, I just woke up here. I can’t even remember my name.”

The mechanical dog let out a low whistle, which was strange considering it had no lips, “They really cleaned you out good. You are wearing dogtags though. Might tell you a thing or two.”
He looked down and as he relaxed the blades retracted back into his body. It was an odd, but again somehow familiar sensation. The dogtags around his neck read ‘458 25 243 WOLVERINE’.

“Well, what’s it say?” the voice coming from the drone was eager.

“It’s just some numbers and the word ‘wolverine’.”

“Kay I’m gonna come out now. Pour another cup of that whiskey and promise not to stab me or anything.” her tone suggested she was joking though held just enough nervousness to say she wasn’t really.

“Of course, I don’t even know you why would I stab you?”

In the next room over he heard a bit of movement as he poured the whiskey then the door opened and a small elven girl with neon pink hair who couldn’t have been a day over 13 walked out. At the sight of her he quickly covered himself with his hands then hid his lower half behind the couch. She just rolled her eyes and said, “Look asshole, I’m probably older than you are and who do you think removed your vomit covered threads in the first place. So if you still really want to get dressed, I already told you where your clothes could be found.” 
He was obviously still very uncomfortable with the situation and it seemed that she enjoyed watching him squirm. “The auto wash is in the kitchen, but if you think for a second that I’m going to take care of your drunk ass, wash your clothes and fetch them for you then you are sorely mistaken.” She arched a single pink eyebrow and waited for him to walk to the kitchen, admiring the view and finding his discomfort amusing.

She was sitting on a stool opposite the couch when he returned a few minutes later in jeans, real leather cowboy boots, a plain white undershirt and a large brass buckle that declared him the 2070 victor of a bare knuckled cage fight in Alberta. “You said you’re probably older than me. What did you mean by that? You’re just a girl.”

“I have a rare genetic disorder known as ‘neotany’ which basically halted my aging at the tender age of 13. I don’t have to worry about getting wrinkles but it’s a son of a bitch getting a drink at the bar. Oh and it pretty much restricts my love life to perverts and the matrix. And ya know what the kicker is? No elf has died from old age yet so I might be stuck like this forever!”

Wolverine furrowed his brow, “So, how old are you?”

“You should know better than to ask a lady her age.” Samantha said with a grin as she lit a cigarette and slammed the whiskey from the mug. “The mug is mine water bottle is yours. I told you this last night, but you obviously don’t remember.”

He shrugged, took a seat on the couch and slammed back his own whiskey.

“Right then, let’s see if we can’t figure out just who the hell you are ‘wolverine’.”

The two of them talked through the day, finished another bottle of Canadian whiskey and quickly became friends, though they got no closer to discovering his true identity or from where he came.

The character was a dwarf who had been abducted by someone with way too much money, power  and time who has a thing for turn of the century comic books. He was chosen for his height and physical prowess. He was then given titanium bone lacing, spurs, synaptic boosters and muscle toners. The final step was infecting him and turning him into a goblin (regeneration). After he was turned into a goblin he received bio modification in the form of artificial fat, hair implants, removal of some salivary glands and reshaping of his ears.
 All to make him look like wolverine.
He has a mysterious implant (eye recording unit) that he has no idea about that sends his “sponsor” recordings of what his pet superhero is doing. I also made a sabertooth character and an x23 for him to come into contact with later. Both screwed by the same madman. 
His only starting equipment is what is listed in the story plus a full suit of ffba and a ballistic mask, one guess what the armor and mask look like :)

Please feel free to comment!!!!
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