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I want to love SR6...but I dont know how.

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Michael Chandra:
So let me explain what Seattle is up to:

Free Seattle happens before Cutting Black, then in 2081 we get the current Shadowrun Missions storyline. This storyline takes place in Seattle, <redacted> storywise. There's a hint in Collapsing Now, but I'm not spoilering.

Originally that storyline was planned to be 6+6 runs in 2020, 6+6 runs in 2021. Then COVID happened. Now, in 2021 they decided to start again with the first 8. So the 6+6 is ignored, now 2022-2024 are 8, 8, 8. This means that 2024 convention season is expected to see the end of the Seattle storyline's 24 Missions (and a few Prime Missions as well). At cons you can play these, and wherever Demo Team agents offer them, but they're not publicly released yet.

(Incidentally, some adventure modules that SR5 started with were just converted SR4 CMPs. Currently they're working on releasing part of Neo-Tokyo as SR5/SR6 dualstats.)

@Michael Chandra

Thanks for the reply.  so the current SRM season is based in Seattle?  I bought 9-1 and thought it was based in Neo Tokyo?

am I understanding you correctly that the 24 SR Missions will be set in Seattle?  if so then that might actually solve my dilemma.

sorry if im asking dumb questions.  Just trying to acclimate myself and formulate a plan before I spend any more money.

thanks again

UPDATE. I Reread your post.  I think I was confusing real world date and in game date.  I believe what you were saying was that 24 mission will take place in Seattle but due to covid their creation has been delayed.  if I'm understanding you correctly then this is very helpful information. thank you.  I will need to do a lot more researchlol.

Michael Chandra:
To be precise, SRM 2081-01 to 12 have already debuted online, and 01 to 08 at the big cons. This year 09-16 will hit the cons, next year 17-24. But the release for buyers I can't tell when.

As for SRM 09-01 to 10-06, these 12 runs (of which 3 are published) are SR5/SR6 dualstatted and take place in Neo Tokyo. These are not legal for SRM 2081 characters.

Thanks that is very helpful.  I will keep my eyes open for the SRM 2081 series to become available for purchase.  I will probably refrain from buying any more books until I can purchase a few of those.

Shinobi Killfist:
I never really had a problem with deckers in 2e/3e(I don't remember 1e well enough to comment other than it was like 2e mostly) But we never did the long Decker adventure thing where everyone gets pizza anymore than we did a astral adventure thing or stealth guy adventure thing etc. Pre-run stuff was handled mostly like talking with contacts, a bit of role play with a few die rolls. During the run it was done pretty much simultaneously as other peoples actions. Which is how we assumed it was always supposed to be done by our reading of the setting and rules. So it was really each player pre run had their separate 10 minute thing which might go through multiple rotations. The sam would be physically surveilling, the face chatting up contacts, working a line on staff after hours, the Decker scouting the matrix or checking with the data haven or contacts, the mage astrally scouting.


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