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Title: Kelevra: Journal Of A Bounty Hunter
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Connecting Jackpoint VPN …
… Matrix Access ID Spoofed.
… Encryption Keys Generated.
… Connected to Onion Routers.
… Biometric Scan Confirmed.
Connected to <ERROR: NODE UNKNOWN>

Accessing Kelevra Journal File.

[So you found my journal, well it wasn't hard chum...I posted this file because I've been in this business a very long time. Long enough to know that the next generation of shadowrunners
will want to know some of the old time tricks. This particular one I call the Denver Shuffle. Before I get to the story and the lesson therein let me set the stage. My name is Kelevra....and I am a bounty hunter, The target of this stage was a ork street sam named Maxson. He had apparently raped and murdered the sister of a rival go-gang leader. Lone-Star wanted me to bring him in, But the go-ganger wanted me to bring him to him. Said he'd double the being the gentleman that I am...i took the money over the right thing.. shouldn't have taken the money...]

Kelevra smiled to himself as he cleaned his roomsweeper, a pistol he affectionately dubbed Lola. the burly troll sat in his favorite chair overlooking Pacific Avenue, six floors up he could see the traffic stopping at the light and continuing. The smells from the little chinese restraunt around the corner as it drifted in through his open window and over his table, there sat a shotgun with a underslung bola launcher along with his various gear, his disassembled sidearm sitting on a cloth in front of him. The sound of the nearby nightclub Dante's Inferno filling the air.

His beer sitting next to him as he worked. He loved Tacoma the sights and smells of the city made him feel more at home then his native Israel. Here he found his particular skills useful
and so did many people. His commlink chimed soon after he drank the last of his beer. He tapped it with a thick finger and a small holographic image rose from it. It was a avatar of a strange anthropomorphic tiger bouncing around on its spring like tail.

"Hello Tigger..." He said in a deep burly voice as he smiled to himself, soon the bouncing avatar vanished and a real ork face appeared, very teenage his tusks short and his face full of pimples. His seattle seahawks ballcap turned backwards on his head and he had food stains on his t-shirt saying "Hack The Planet".

"Hey Kel, look I bet your going to be my bestest ever friend in a moment.." Said the teenage ork as he smiled, baring his short rounded tusks and wiggling his eyebrows mockingly. Kelevra looked up and peered at the young ork, a low growl emitting from deep in his throat.

Tigger's holo-avatar jumped back and held out his arms in a attempt to hold him off. "Alright alright your big tough and mean relax...Remember that street sam you had a run in with a few years put him away for assault right?" He asked, Tigger was a well known hacker, only fifteen but he'd already earned himself a record with multiple corporations for playing matrix based pranks, years ago he pissed off aztechnology and an executive didn't much like him superimposing his face on that of a human male getting rammed by a troll guy in some crappy porno image, He sent a wetwork agent after that Kelevra had been tracking.

A moment later the commlink produced another image, that of Maxson. An ork street sam with a large cybernetic right arm and torso. The mugshot of him had his whole right side of his face swollen and bruised because that is where Kelevra shot him with a silicone slug. Tigger smiled and bowed. "This just popped up on the Bounty-Net, luckily I was able to suppress it for about twenty four hours before the big shots will get to see it but look at his bounty and what he did this time..." Continued Tigger as he blew up the wanted file. In large green letters was a whopping one hundred grand in Nuyen for his live capture for the Rape and Murder of an elf woman from Tacoma.

Kelevra smiled wide, he knew this was going to be a good day. Tigger coughed and smiled. "That isn't the best part...her name is Sindella but her brother is Johnny Turbo, second man of the local Ancients go-gang and I'm betting they will pay alot more then the standard bounty for him to be brought to them..." Said Trigger with an ecstatic grin on his face. "Imagine that, ten percent of a hundred kay..." said Tigger. His avatar morphing back to his signature tiger and bouncing around joyfully and then waving and vanishing.

Kelevra knew that he had to act fast so he reassembled his pistol, grabbed his large armored greatcoat and took off. He gave a call into his bondsmen Sticks as he rode the elevator down to the lobby of the Hotel Olympus in what was once downtown tacoma, It is now a slums where the orks, trolls and other scum and vagabonds live in a permanent ghetto. His Commlink chimed again as Sticks returned his call.

"Yeah? Whats up Kel?" He asked with a yawn. This aged bounty hunter turned bondsmen looked at him blankly through the vid-call. "Sticks remember that sam I brought in a few years the name of Maxson..well his wanted file just popped up and my pal Tigger suppressed it for twenty four hours but im not worried of competition im worried the Ancients will find him and kill him...what I need you to do is call your friend in their gang and get me in contact with Johnny Turbo, tell him to call me and that ive got an offer for him." Sticks looked at him blankly and then shouted over the 'link. "WHAT!!!! You want me to set you up with the Ancients number two in UCAS so you can proposition him, you do realize Ancients hate trolls more then anyone!" He shouted loud enough for the elderly woman to jump in fear next to him.
Kelevra smiled and nodded. "Yeah, if I do this right your looking at a sizable fee my friend and god knows you need it..."

Sticks signed and shrugged his shoulders. "Alright but I had better get fifteen instead of twelve for this...." and with that the old bounty hunter ended the call. Years ago Sticks found the young troll running with a street gang. He noticed the sheer grit of the troll and decided to take him in before seattle killed him. His parents dying in a building fire a month after immigrating here from the wasteland that was once Israel he changed his name to Kelevra, meaning 'Bad Dog' in hebrew. Then his life in the shadows began, Kel had always saw Sticks as his father. Since his real father beat his mother senseless almost ritually and drank himself into a stupor every night after he got home from his wage-slave job working for Renraku as a security officer. Noone but Kel knew why he chose the name Kelevra, his father always beat him with a chain while screaming it when he came home from school with a disciplinary report for brawling with other students in a predominately ork school, even the human children and elf kids didn't go there very much and in the place once known as Old Town which is now refered to as Ork-Town where he lived few but orks roamed the streets.

Kelevra stepped out onto the streets of the shittiest neighborhood in Tacoma. He hailed a cab and climbed in, he ran his commlink over the pay pad and the Taxi-Robot began to drive.

"Take me to Tacoma Community College station..." He said as he lit up a cigar and rolled down the plexiglass window. The Taxi-robot nodded and spoke, Given VR or Virtual Intelligence because some activists felt metahumanity was loosing its way with service robots they were allowed to have preprogrammed personalities, many based from old films from history, this one spoke with a south bostoner accent and wore a bowler cap.

"So why ya' goin' to the College? Never thought id see a troll headin' to a place like that." Asked the robot as he changed lanes into the left turn lane. Kelevra generally hated robots after he was hired to bring in a rogue AI implanted in a Mitsuhama Tomino drone. He had to put it down with a RPG shot to the chest, that bounty cost him a friends life. Since then he hasn't trusted a robot of any form but this taxi-robot was harmless so he responded.

"Headed there to see an old friend and then catch a bus to seattle." He replied and the taxi-robot laughed alittle. "Okay well good luck with that boyo, the name is Shaemus by the way...'eres ma' card.." He said as the taxi pulled over and the door opened, a plastic card popped out of a dispenser in the door.

Kelevra took it and slotted the drone a few extra nuyen and closed the door. As he did his commlink chimed and he glanced at the number, he didn't know it but he answered anyway, an image of an elf wearing dark shades and a golden jacket appeared. "You that bounty hunter thats got an offer for me?" Asked the elf. Kelevra smiled and knew that all the pieces were coming together.

"Im tracking someone you may be intrested in but first I want to know your willing to pay..." Kel said as he walked towards the school. Johnny thought for a moment and then nodded "Okay, whats this workin' towards troll?" He said with a not so hidden tone of resentment. Kelevra told him of his bounty and their connection.

The elf nodded "You bring him to be alive and ill give you double the bounty but if you bring him in dead you don't get shit you hear me horn-head?" he yelled at the commlinks screen little specs of spit became visible. Kelevra knew he was angry that he had to pay some troll to do his work for him but more so that he couldn't get the guy any other way and he knew it. Kelevra ended the call and strode inside the school using the back entrance which he knew was never locked incase of fire. He walked briskly through the halls until he came to the Ethics classroom and strolled in, what happend next he didn't prepare for.

Kelevra walked into the amphitheater like classroom and saw an elderly ork man sitting in the dark room at his desk apparently asleep. Mr. Dobson often worked late and his paperwork strewn about since Henry Dobson wasn't known for being organized. Dobson was Maxson's uncle and he had kept an eye on his sociopathic nephew for two reasons, the first because he wanted to study him for his thesis on cyberware and the effect on the metahuman psyche and its tendency to cause psychopathy and sociopathic behavior, the second was because Maxson was a sociopath before he had all the hardware installed and became a prominent gang leader, Henry was Maxson's only living relative and he was helping him overcome his mental degradation.

Kelevra strolled down the steps and let out a loud whistle but the old man didn't stir and he thought he must have been drunk. As he approached he saw it. A large pool of blood on the desk and on the floor, a hole the size of a grapefruit in the back of his head. He looked it over from a distance and realized it must have just happend, the blood hadn't congealed yet. He reached into his coat and drew Lola, pulling back the slide and chambering a hollowpoint round he flipped on his cybereyes and began scanning the room. Picking up trace signs of heat. A loud steady beat came from the hallway up the stairs and he turned off his cybereyes to reveal Maxson standing at the top with four burly orks. The tattoos of the orks were that of the Hellhounds and he knew that this was a setup. Kelevra smiled and bowed his head.

"Kelevra, last time we met it didn't go so well for me so I brought some friends.." Maxson looked over to one of his partners and nodded in Kelevras direction. The four ork thugs leapt over the railing, Kelevra threw back his coat and brought his shotgun to bare. Firing a explosive slug straight into the thugs cybernetic chest that sent him flying as it struck him in mid air, his legs going over his head and his body nearly striking Maxson as it hit the back wall of the hallway. One of the thugs drew a pistol and aimed at Kelevra and fired two shots. The first struck the holoboard behind Mr. Dobsons desk and the second glanced off Kelevra's armored chestplate.

Kelevra growled in pain as his chest stung but shook it off and aimed Lola at the offending Thug and fired, a fletchette like shot striking him in the groin. He gripped what was once his testicles and toppled over screaming in pain, The third thug expertly dived off the top of the stairwell and landed next to Kelevra. A long blade slide from his cyberarm and he charged the bounty hunter with full force. Knocking the fairly large troll from his feet and he hit the ground with a thud that cracked the permacrete flooring and sent waves of pain flowing throughout his body, Kel responded by kicking the ork in the groin and then pushing himself up and drop kicking the orc over the desk, knocking it and the body of the professor to the floor with a loud crash.

The last thug looked in astonishment as he watched from the first stair next to Maxson, holding his predator IV and looking at his dead friend, another unconcious sprawled out over a desk and his other friend rolling around on the floor bleeding out from his groin. Kelevra picked up Lola and aimed it at the last thug, he thumbed back the hammer and grinned. "Get lost punk..." The mohawked ork nodded and broke for the door. Maxson shook his head in disbelief. "Good help is so hard to find eh Max?" Said Kelevra with a smile as he pulled back the pistols slide to unjam a round.

Maxson nodded and leapt down to the main floor, landing with a loud thud and enough force that the floor spiderwebbed under his feet. He began to pace with a shiteating grin across his ugly scarred up mug. Kelevra lowered Lola and pressed the red button next to his rigger, his smartlink HUD built into his cybereyes confirmed his ammunition changed to silicone stick and shock rounds, his personal design.

"Well, you bested the hellhounds...not up to what their reputation says im guessing but I never expected they would survive anyway...You my friend are one tough son of a bitch. While I was in prison i thought of nothing more then a nice naked elf girl and killing you...never thought i'd get the elf first..." He said with a wry smile, he began to laugh but was soon cutoff by Kelevra.

"Frag you, you crazy ghoul-fondler..." Kelevra said coldly as he aimed Lola at the street sam and fired a shot right between his eyes. Maxson fell over limp like a boned fish and hit the floor hard. Kelevra checked his commlink and sent a message to Johnny saying where to pick up the man that killed his sister and the account info he was to transfer his pay into, and with that he decided it was time to go home...after he had some chinese food.