How would you plunge Hong Kong into chaos?

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« on: <05-11-20/1425:51> »
Me and another GM are co-creating a campaign together, and we've decided we wanted to throw the players a huge curveball: My character is designed to trick the party into plunging Hong Kong into chaos. We have a few plans but I was wondering if you all have any ideas. Current plans include: Inducing another Triad war by drugging their Hung Kwans with hallucinatory drugs and convince them their ancestor's spirits want them to wipe out the other Triads. Collapse the bridges that connect Hong Kong to the mainland with explosives. Selling larger arms to gangs inside Kowloon.

What are some other ideas to turn the island into an Anarchist nightmare?

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'Kidnap X and sit on him for a while.' Have your character suggest Laes to make sure the guy can't hold it against you. In secret he's framed for killing his superior in the Triad, introducing a civil war.

'Plant datafile X on Police machine X.' Forged evidence on working with another Triad than the guy really works for, to get him killed and the police pissed at the Triads. Your char might secretly also hide some Tempo in the guy's office, to guarantee the police response is quick and deadly.
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If uou want trure, uncontrolled chaos, target infrastruture.

4 things a city needs and doesn't make:

Disrupt any of those for even a short time..... things go nuts pretty quickly.
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« Reply #3 on: <05-11-20/2218:05> »
Emergence has such a scenario where the runners can attack a power station in Hong Kong during Crash 2.1.

But maybe that's not exactly what you're thinking of.


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Release a highly contagious virus....just saying.