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Title: Special atributes and Essence
Post by: Inquisitor on <05-20-20/1034:18>
Let's s suppose that my character , a technomancer get an 0,2 essence cost augment , how much resonance he would lose ?

Resonance 6
Essence 6
Title: Re: Special atributes and Essence
Post by: Michael Chandra on <05-20-20/1053:57>
1 point. You went down past 6.0, so you lose 1 Resonance.
(specifically, anytime your Essence
goes below any whole integer, you lose a corresponding
point of Magic or Resonance).

Once they go below 5.0, they lose another point. So if you lose 0.2, 0.4, 0.3, 2.0, aka total of 2.9, you're at 3.1 Essence and lost 3 Resonance.
Title: Re: Special atributes and Essence
Post by: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on <05-20-20/1055:32>
The way it's supposed to work is you just round down essence to get Magic/Resonance.

If your essence drops from 6.0 to 5.8, your Magic/Resonance drops to 5.  If your essence drops again from 5.8 to 5.1, your Magic/Resonance still remains at 5.

Initiating/Submerging of course decouples Magic/Resonance from Essence, so it's not exactly that simple.  But that's the principle.