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Title: SR6e - Seattle Edition
Post by: Typhus on <09-16-21/1645:11>
I noticed the Combat Mage has a Cha of which should be 30 points of contacts, but only spent 12.  Easy fix for players to just buy more, but thought I would point that out for next round.

Also, this version doesn't have a hyperlinked Table of Contents.  It would be nice to have that back. 
Title: Re: SR6e - Seattle Edition
Post by: MercilessMing on <09-17-21/1303:16>
Ugh, yeah thats too bad.  She's got contacts as if her Charisma is 2 instead of 5.  When I remade the archetypes for myself, I solved this by giving her a charisma of 2 and pumping some points into Logic (a mage should obviously have a higher logic than 3!!!)