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I'm only half joking about this. Yes... I want to mount a Winter Systems Mercury Ship Laser on a GMC Banshee. Let's not worry about Cost and Availability for the moment.

So the Banshee has 20 slots, the mount takes up between 4 and 11 slots.
You might be asking yourself what the problem is?
Well its a really big laser, its supposed to be on a ship so, the Banshee wouldn't be able to power the laser well or at all.
This is where I really like the mod Special Machinery, maybe Special Machinery (Batteries) or (Capacitors) or more likely Special Machinery (Reactor).

Thoughts? Laughs? Scathing Criticisms?

Well, theoretically you could mount the ship laser on the Banshee just fine.  It's all the fiddly bits and details that bog it down (like a power source, or targetting system, or lift fans capable of propelling the craft...etc.). ;D

The only sad thing is that they don't list weights for the weapons, otherwise we could get a better idea of how big the thing is.  Weight + slots would go a long way to visuallizing size.

I would say it is possible to mount the laser, just like it's possible to mount a 16 inch naval gun on an Abrams tank.  It's just not really practical.

A banshee is a near-supersonic flying tank.

I don't see any problem with mounting a laser which is a scaled-up version of a hand-held device and expecting it to be powered by an engine which can send a flying brick like a T-bird to only 7m/s less than Mach 1. 

It doesn't work that way, Kontact.  Electrical generation from a turbine draws an immense amount of power off the turbine, which cannot be used to fly the T-bird.  So, unless you replace both the cargo and passenger compartments with either capacitors/battery or a second turbine+fuel to power the laser (which adds a LOT of weight) you would have to land the Banshee in order to fire the laser.

Weight is pretty relative when you're dealing with a vehicle which comes with 18 armor and has 20 expansion slots.

I really wouldn't get too close to logic or reason when dealing with a big block of steel that goes 98% of the speed of sound.  :D


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