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Some FANTASY-tic Pin-Up art

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Pin-up Art that Kicks You in the Teeth

Most of the images are SFW (and the few that aren't are closer to PG-13 than R, and most of those are due to gore). But Aly Fell is a hell of an artist and quit a few Pin-Ups would fit in nicely with Shadowrun themes.

And if you want to see more, her site is (a little less safe for work).

I know I've seen the Absinthe one before...some neat stuff, all in all.

Ya know I think at leaset one of those women has fake boobies......... :P

Cool pics though

John Schmidt:
Here is one of my earlier pieces...not really a pin-up though so I hope nobody will mind me putting it out there.  ;D

John Schmidt:

I promise I won't clog up the server with my pics. Just couldn't resist putting that one up.  ;D


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