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Prime Mover:
Will we ever get a clarification on the dart weapons?  Augmentation has damage codes, SR4A does not. 
The current resolution system doesn't require a damage code but darts have an AP.

The way I've ended up ruling it is.
If the target has an armor rating greater then two dart wont have an effect regardless of success.  Unless shot is called to unprotected area.

You have to have exotic ranged weapon with the rifle and the pistol (separates skills) AND the attacker has to get 2 net successes.  We play it as the dart doesn't actually do damage, just if it hits the target with 2 net successes, the target gets to resist damage as a normal attack (based on damage/effect of what is in the dart).  We haven't had much of a problem with it.  Most of our stuff has been with Narcojet though.

Prime Mover:
Yea we use mechanics given but it's the AP modifier that I've attempted to rationalize.

Ok so to use dart weapons you need 2 skills?

No, but to use both dart weapons, you need two skills. 

It's Exotic Ranged Weapon: Dart Pistol and Exotic Ranged Weapon: Dart Rifle.  You can just pick one, and go with that just fine.


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