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Con on the Cob


Hey folks:

I'll be running a few games and also doing a writing seminar at Con on the Cob ( this weekend (Oct 16 & 17). The exact schedule isn't firmed up yet, but should be two games on Saturday, one on Sunday. The con's in Hudson, Ohio, between Cleveland and Akron. I'd be happy to meet anyone who comes by!

Jason H.

Slight threadjack/drift - you mentioned something in Chicago over Thanksgiving weekend?

Yes, I'll have more details on that soon. But I'll be running some games at WolfCon on the northwest side of the city on the three days after Thanksgiving. Small con, but plenty of fun!

Jason H.

WolfCon's a little more do-able. Difference between a 6 hour drive and a 13 hour drive. ;)

Wish I would have known about it a bit sooner, for me, it would have been a 3-4 hour drive. But alas I have to deal with that evil called work. Next con I am planning on going to is BASH Con here in Toledo.


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