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From web postings I am aware of the Missions listed below.  Any idea when they might become generally available ?

2009 Shadowrun Tournament
Idol Threats
Twenty years ago it gained the attention of two dragons, now it wants your attention. This year’s Gen Con tournament revels in Shadowrun’s twenty year history, while it manages to pack all new surprises into the mix. All teams advance, so plan on playing in both sessions on both Friday and Saturday Night.

Shadowrun Missions: New York

SRM03-10 Spin Control
The media, my army, the money, the will.
Mr. Johnson hires the runners to locate a shadow project being conducted in Manhattan.

SRM03-11 Food Poisoning
SINless die in obscurity every day. But, when the victims appear to have been poisoned people want answers.
Saying, “Business in the City is cutthroat” is like saying “Russian roulette can cause headaches.” You get the point, just not the severity.

SRM03-12 Elevator Ride to Hell
Sometimes a hand basket is too small.

Shadowrun Missions: Seattle

MP01-01 Manhunt
Fifteen years ago Seattle was plagued by a number of vicious animal attacks. These attacks seem to be on the rise again but Knight Errant is not taking them seriously, a retired Lone Star cop takes matters into his own hands. Is this just a coincidence or is Seattle about to repeat history?

MP01-02 Copycat Killer?
The Mayan Cutter and Tempo were two of the causes that the Star lost its Seattle contract. Shortly after Knight Errant took over, the killings stopped. Conspiracy theorists believed the Cutter was a ploy by KE to bring the Star down but now the killings have started again. Is it a copycat or the real deal?
From Dumpshock: Bull, the ork decker, had several children through the years, two of which were twins. Billy manifested otaku abilities at a young age and Reba first cast a spell (force 1 Urban Renewal) at age 5. Billy is an active runner, his sister is murdered during this missions events. Bull is the team's Johnson, and hires the team to track down the killer.

MP01-03 Ashes
Six decades after the Awakening Seattle’s Ork Underground stands at the very threshold of mainstream endorsement. But with Governor Brackhaven’s election , can this safe haven for metahumanity hope to weather the coming political storm?

MP01-04 Humanitarian Aid
Horizon’s community clinic was robbed, days before their scheduled outreach program. When 3,000 people are at risk of dying, even the good guys will call you to go and put the hurt on some bad guys.

MP01-05 Lost Islands Found
When news of ruins appearing on an island comes up, several groups want to have exclusive rights. Now you need to remove some of the competition.

MP01-06 Deconstructing Patriots
The New Revolution came a hair’s breadth from success. In the fallout, many of their supporters went to ground. It’s time to bring a few of them into the light.

MP01-07 Congressional Conspiracies
Unification. That one word could destroy the CAS or start another war. With conflicts simmering throughout the world, there can be profit in war and even more profit in rearmament before hand.

MP01-08 Stormcrow Undone
If you provide the pictures, I’ll provide the war. When pictures come out that the war is being supported for the wrong reasons, the media needs to find a new way to spin.

I'm not really sure about the Tournament.  They're technically not a part of Missions.  I'll ask around.

For the rest of the New York Missions...  Well, we have the same policy as the main SR schedule...  No release date until we're sure.  That said, I'm working on 10 and 11 right now, and waiting for art for 12.  We're getting things back on schedule, mostly, and had Gen Con not taken all of us out of commission for two weeks, 9 would have been released a month after 8. :)

The 2010 Convention Missions are Convention Exclusive adventures for the year.  So at the end of the year, we'll "retire" them from convention play, and introduce a new set for that year.  The plan is to release the CMPs as a reasonably priced bundle, so you'll get all of them together.  I don't know exactly how that's going to work though, nor when we will actually have them available.  That's upper managements decision.


Well bull sounds like your doing great after stepping in mid run.

Still wish I could get the CMP's for this year and run them at the local firebase though.

Well, like I said, the 2010 CMPs will be made available publicly in some format at the end of the year.  Just not entirely sure how that's going to work out yet.  THey get "retired" from being Convention Exclusive, is all.  There's nothing stopping you from running them at that point at your Firebase for Open Play or at conventions.   And come January, we will hopefully have the first of the 2011 CMPs ready to go, so you can get ahold of those for Megacon. :)


See this is why you already have me as a fan you answer fast and while I know your working hard while juggleing other normal life things it looks like I will once again be busy with new stuff to run to pull in new people as well con....err convince older ones to comeing back.


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