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+1. Interrested in that Deep Lacuna part :)


--- Quote from: Marzhin on ---Mirikon, do you think you could make a list of (some of) the books where info about these plots can be found? Many thanks :)

--- End quote ---

Seattle Politics - Seattle 2072, Missions Season 4, Runner Havens

Az-Am War - WAR!, Feral Cities, Corporate Intrigue, Columbian Subterfuge

Deep Lacuna - Corporate Enclaves, a mention in Street Magic

Technomancers - Emergence, Corporate Guide, Corporate Intrigue, Twilight Horizon, Unwired

Corporate Shenanigans - Corporate Guide, Corporate Intrigue, WAR!, Twilight Horizon, Jet Set, Boardroom Backstabs, Conspiracy Theories, Hazard Pay, and more.

Smoking Mirror - Corporate Guide

Thanks, I updated the first post :)


--- Quote from: Lysanderz on ---Can I get the book that speaks of Harlequin deciding to become active again? That guy scares the crap out of me and I want to know what cities to stay out of.....

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Nowhere is safe.

Titan :)


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