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So, how are the rankings set on the forums?

Edit for clarification, updates and stickyed.

A bit of an update on Forum Rankings:

* First off, we created a new rank for those of you out there that lurk. All accounts with 0 posts are now Civilian ranks. Don't want to be a civilian? Post!
* Due to the incredible popularity of the forums, we've decided to adjust the current rankings since the old settings seemed a bit low. Here's the breakdown of the new ranks:
RankPostsNewb1-99Chummer100-249Omae250-999Ace Runner1000-2499Prime Runner2500-XXXX
* There is ANOTHER new Rank above Prime Runner. It's <REDACTED> and you get it at <REDACTED> posts.
* Finally, we're looking at a super reward. If you achieve 20,000 posts on the board, we will award you a Custom Title for your avatar. This title appears above the other titles in the avatar section of your posts (for instance, mine, being that I'm a Global Moderator and can set it, is "The One and Only"). This title will be of the poster's choosing (as long as it makes it through the censors).
All the staff here at Shadowrun Forums would like to thank you all for making this a great place to hang out! Now, go out there and keep up the great posts!

*Note, we are not changing the policy on posting just to up your post count. If it looks like you're doing this, we will still delete those posts and your count will not go up.

Caine Hazen:
Its a mystery.. gotta play the game and post to figure it all out :D

I'm on step 2 if it gives you a clue

Ahhhh... I see. Wasn't sure if that was an actual title or a real job function.

<cracks knuckles>

Time to get postin'.

Caine Hazen:
You'll notice a few of us have multiple titles up there... mostly Moderators, admins and that guy who runs missions cra... stuff :D  all of us however display the post count title as well

Now it all makes sense. Who says old deckers can program new tricks?


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