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Gun Heaven 2 is released! Fifty--that's right, fifty!--new guns!

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--- Quote from: Wakshaani on ---Personally, I think you should have met Bull and I halfway and given us a hold-out Cyberdeck gun.

--- End quote ---

Just make it a 're-skin' of the Ares Executive Protector that has a customizable Weapon Commlink as a Stock Mod. ;D

In fact, with Arsenal rules for weapon customization, I cannot see why those are not used when creating new catalog

Nice new piece of light ammo from SK, I like that :)

Everyone loves lasers and there is a lot of telling how it makes Armor obsolette
well, this I dont understand...since Lasers do 1/2 AP, while Gauss riffles do 1/2 -4 to AP...(of course there is that 8 points of availability difference)

A few battle rifles and Sniper rifles, a few fashion line things, well I can hardly see any progress or difference against classics (maybe that this come with pictures)
Saeder-Krupp definitely has the best weapon design in the catalog
Riser, who tells you that every piece on the list is crap (Who the frak is this guy, he is paid by Ares or Azies or something?)

Painfull lack of heavies (maybe 4 new? Like single shot assault cannon  ??? )

Overall for 12 bucks:
6/10 (because of nice pictures)

Quick question. Mostly for my record-keeping.

It says on the "login" page of the book that the current date/time is 23 Nov 2072, 0635 hrs. This seems to be a mistake since the first Gun Heaven's time was 6/15/2073. Should I just mark it as 5/15/2074 (ish) to keep in line with the other books?

Someone changed the time on their CommLink in order to fool some Demo Program they're using?  ;D

Said it on FB, I'll say it here - I blame CanRay!



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