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SRM 04-08: Brothers United now available!

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Our latest Mission is out (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG), and it's got some awfully fun secrets to uncover, as long as you think possibly fatal situations are fun! And if you don't, why are you playing Shadowrun? Anyway, here's the summary:


A girl is missing. Finding her would be a nobler mission than most shadowrunners normally pursue, which means there must be a catch. And there is. The runners’ job starts at a talismongers and then brings them to a Barrens orphanage. If they’re observant enough, they’ll be launched on a journey that will take them through dark tunnels, past dangerous entities, and, eventually, to a supposedly abandoned building that holds at least two dark secrets. If they’re lucky, they’ll find Ruth alive. If they’re unlucky, they’ll find her alive and transformed.

In SRM 04-08: Brothers United, runners have some difficult obstacles and tough opponents to face if they want to reach their final goal. Along the way, they may discover that there are indeed some fates worse than death, but they’ll also get a reminder that death is bad enough.

SRM 04-08: Brothers United is the latest in the Shadowrun Missions living campaign, giving players the chance to be involved in pivotal events shaping the Sixth World. It is for use with Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.

I need to stock up on Raid...

I need to stock up on the stuff that makes Raid look like it's safe enough to eat on your Corn-Like Flakes.

Napalm works well in these situations. As do orbital strikes.

Yes, but even if you nuke them from orbit, you can't be sure you got them all!


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