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Hazard Pay out now! Get paid extra for being shot into space and other fun!

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The latest Shadowrun sourcebook, Hazard Pay, is out now for print pre-order and PDF purchase (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG), and it has several different ways to kill you, as all sourcebooks should. Here's the rundown:


Dark alleys, abandoned buildings, wet streets stabbed with neon light—shadowrunners know all these places. They also know that they aren’t the only places work gets done. A good shadowrunner should be open to anything, to runs that might take them anywhere. From the cold of Antarctica to the heat of the Sahara, from the life-filled dark of the deep oceans to the empty void of outer space, there is work to be had for runners brave and resourceful enough to take it. Of course, there are also dozens of new ways to die, so you should probably see if Mr. Johnson will chip in a little extra pay.

Hazard Pay takes shadowrunners into different extreme environments across the Sixth World, providing the descriptions, plot hooks, gear, and other information gamemasters and players need to use these environments in their game. From mysterious monuments under the sea to battered jalopies that just might make it into orbit without disintegrating, Hazard Pay presents myriad challenges for runners who are prepared for trouble and ready for anything.

Hazard Pay is for use with Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.


--- Quote ---Echo Chernik, Joel Biske, Igor Kieryluk, Ian King, Jeff Laubenstein, Alessandra Pisano, Andreas "AAS" Schroth, Peter Tikos, Michael Yamada

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Woot! Purchased!

Edit: Loved this gem from the Jackpoint page!

--- Quote ---Top News Items
* Nicholas Whitebird issues statement on Ghostwalker: “His status is as it has always been: in
charge of Denver.” Link
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Have been looking forward to this one!  Looks like some excellent reading material for this weekend. ;D



--- Quote from: JM Hardy on ---
From mysterious monuments under the sea...

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"Iä! Iä! Cthulhu Fhtagn!"

That hazard pay better be pretty heavy before I start messing with the Deeps.

Best to let sleeping horrors from the Outer Dark slumber...


Ifriti Sophist


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